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Are you overwhelmed by Social Networking

Are you overwhelmed by Social Networking? Are you confused by hundreds of social networking sites? Are you hiring a social network coordinator to manage your MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts?

Here’s the basic scenario…the pain point and business dilemma we’ve solved is managing multiple accounts in the Social Networking arena. Start counting the number of social media websites with whom you have a profile. Out of fingers yet? WorldClassID is a digital social media broadcasting and publishing service for individuals and businesses. We deliver client content on the new social media cloud, the SocialSphere™ – covering the entire breadth of social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, photo and video sharing sites, social blogging sites, social press release, social article posting and search engines, all with integrated revenue and cost-saving capabilities.

Save yourself and your team hours of time dealing with different accounts on different social platforms.

Save time and frustration.
No need to log into different social media sites every day. WorldClassID does all the work for you. WorldClassID helps save you and your organization time and keeps your social media efforts organized and transparent.
Our WorldClassID Service answers the question, “Do you have a consolidated social content management and social network channel publication system that allows you to WRITE ONCE and then PUBLISH GLOBALLY?” We are “Simplifying the SocialSphere™” and making sense out of a chaotic jumble of hundreds of social networking sites.

If you’d like to learn how we help you harness the power of the SocialSphere™ for your business (and that of your clients) and why you should become an early adopter of our unique consolidation service, please view our videos at

In short, WorldClassID is a turnkey Content Distribution and Social Network Publication Service with the most technologically advanced online brand management available. Think of this as SEO, press releases, Facebook postings and twitter all on steroids. Get going down the Information Superhighway the Best Way with WorldClassID!
We are focused on delivering an outstanding Return-on-Investment (ROI) for online promotion and social networking campaign management. Our solution will;

• Increase Leads,
• Increase Revenues
• Improve Search Engine Optimization
• Improve Pay Per Click campaigns
• Improve Market Position
• Eliminate inaccurate, inappropriate, hurtful and slanderous information, and
• Extend your Brand

Keeping up a consistent social media image across the web and keeping your social networking content fresh is vital to good social networking business and strong social media relationships. With WorldClassID, the task of maintaining multiple profiles is less tedious, freeing up time to for you to better connect with other people. We encourage you to sign up for the most popular social networks regardless of whether you are going to use them all and regardless of whether you are going to use WorldClassID. This at least prevents someone else being mistaken for you and protects an account that you may want to use later.

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