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Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management (take a lesson from big brands) is well understood by big companies and traditional creative agencies.  At a time when the individual is becoming more the focus, you have to develop and manage your personal brand.  It’s a brand new social networking world and you’ve got to be branded.  Branding will give you what it takes to stand out and prosper in the new social network.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management – so what is brand reputation management and how can it help your business?

Its not necessary to be a professional programmer or web site developer to get your opinion viewed and read by others around the world. This fact should alarm any company concerned with their reputation. Imagine that you’ve spent years of hard work constructing a good brand reputation for your product or service, invested money in public relations, marketing and website design. Still, a few people will be enough to undo all this effort overnight. Fortunately, there are brand reputation management professionals that will help you maintain a robust online presence and save you from bad publicity.

There are plenty of people who may want to damage your company. Activist groups, unsatisfied clients, unhappy employees, all use the web as a way to promote their points of view. Sometimes, the sites containing your company’s name in an unpleasant surrounding of such words as “bad” and “awful” will rank even higher than your main corporate web site. Each day your reputation is thoroughly scrutinized. How can you prevent anyone from noticing the tiniest stain on it?

In the past, things such as brand reputation management and search engine marketing were separate activities. These days, with the advent of user-driven blogs, forums, social networks and other sources of content, they have to be carried out jointly.

Generally, any negative information appearing in the search engine results pages can be responded to by writing favorable content and knowing where and how to submit it. If the search engines consider this positive data more relevant, informative, and it appears on reliable web sites, the negative mentions of your company’s will be pushed down the result pages until that nasty article by a disgruntled client or a vengeful ex-employee is on page twenty and your good name is safe and secure.

Actually, it’s quite easy to get good rankings for a company name key word as there is usually less competition for these words than for the product its sells or services provided. Informative, high-quality content, such as press releases, is a great tool for managing traffic driven to your site and influencing the search engine results. A good brand reputation management specialist will use comprehensive and constantly evolving skills and knowledge of how the search engines evaluate web sites to work out both proactive strategies to avoid any damage to your brand reputation now and take steps to prevent it in the future. The more unique the name of the company whose brand reputation you’re striving to defend, the more significant and faster the effect you’ll achieve by implementing even the simplest brand reputation management SEO techniques.

Defending your reputation is a must in a connected world.  We defend your reputation and proactively manage your online reputation.

Here are the major areas you will need to include in your strategic brand reputation plan, and we are excited about the possibility of assisting you if you want a professional team to build and manage your online reputation.

Reputation Management Software

With the diversity of information that can be found on the web and the number of web sites that users have to choose from, they need some guidance in making their choices. Usually people follow the advice of search engines and pick out one of the top links offered to them by their search. Reputation management is essential for a company that wants people to find only those links that will lead them to the web sites with favorable or positive information about the organization, and its products and services. And reputation management software makes the process easier.

Reputation management software can take over a large part of the time consuming and complex activity of monitoring and improving your company’s online presence. There are various useful tools which help you to find your bearings in the overload of information presented on the web.

The reputation management software itself will not help to actually change or dismiss the things that people say about your company, products or actions, but once you are aware of what’s going on, you will have a better idea of which strategy to choose when interacting with the online world. For example, if most negative reviews come from common users in a forum, just a couple of positive posts in the same forum can influence the opinion of all readers. But when it comes to more credible sources, like popular professional blogs, or conventional media, the task of improving your reputation will require quite a different approach. Anyway, all managing should be left for humans, though reputation management software can give your people a target to focus on.

To start searching for the information about your company with the help of these tools you just need to specify certain key phrases that will be used to find any mention regarding your business online and their sources. No matter where or when your brand was mentioned – on corporate sites, forums or blogs – reputation management software will find it out and inform you. It will display every relevant link and content and let you view the detailed description of the one you may get interested in.

It will sort the results according to their relevance and level of harm to your company’s reputation and then present everything in a clear informative manner. With this kind of tool it becomes extremely easy to keep track of any information concerning your business that emerges on the web and take immediate actions if needed. This constant awareness allows you to identify trends and examine the strength of your brand’s position online. Most reputation management software is even capable of identifying and removing duplicate entries from its results.

Facebook in the SocialSphere

In April 2008 FaceBook hit a huge milestone: they officially caught up to MySpace in terms of unique monthly worldwide visitors! This means you need to have a presence here, but do you have time to regularly post updates, respond to requests, produce a fan page, make a business connection?  If you’ve previously had a MySpace, do you keep it or delete it? Can you manage both?

FaceBook is one of the most effective ways to connect with people on the internet IF you know what you’re doing. Sadly, most marketers will hop on FaceBook and shoot themselves in the foot before they even get started! If you make just one of these critical mistakes you will not be able to leverage FaceBook to build your business.

Our team has the experience, skills and tools to DOMINATE on FaceBook. The hidden tactics we use as part of your overall Brand Strategy alone are worth $1000’s of dollars in PROFIT for your business.

Twitter in the SocialSphere

Twitter has been one of the fastest growing social networking websites in recent years. What this means is that Twitter’s an absolute goldmine for educated online business owners & network marketers!

Our Twitter experts know exactly how to create, manage and promote your Brand using Twitter. Our Twitter team leverages a handful of cutting-edge marketing tools to generate leads using this amazing new social marketing community!

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, don’t know how to create a tweet, what it means to be followed or be a follower, or how to retweet…don’t worry, we’ll take care of all the details for you.  Your kids will be amazed that you’ve got this handled.

Video Marketing in the SocialSphere

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to get indexed on organic search engines, which is 100% FREE TRAFFIC! However, 90% of internet marketers think that since YouTube is the biggest video hosting site on the internet, that it’s the ONLY site. BIG MISTAKE.

Yes, YouTube is definitely the largest video hosting site on the internet, but you’re leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table if you’re not implementing strategies that put your videos on 40+ different video hosting sites, social bookmarking sites, podcasts, blogsites, etc. with the click of a button. Our team achieves 9 out of the top 10 Google positions for certain keywords in a 48 hour period. THIS IS KILLER!

We’ll also work with you to develop your own Branded Video, what to say in a video, how to say it, and how to position yourself so that your videos convert even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before…  😉

Blogging in the SocialSphere

Your blog is your central nerve center. A professional looking blog can boost your Brand and improve your business profits 100-fold IF you know how to drive serious traffic to it. That’s where we come in…

The blogging experts on our team are some of the most advanced bloggers on the internet. Do you want to personally spend the time to learn how to use just the top 6 blogging websites?  Each one is different and each one has unique technology aspects which you can certainly learn.  As our client we will set-up your very own wordpress blog and two other blog sites.  Then we will work to turn your blog into a lethal weapon that can generate new leads on a daily on complete autopilot.

In order to do what we do, each site must install specific wordpress widgets & plug-ins, tricks & tools, but our team has got you covered and will take care of all the technical details.

Web 2.0 in the SocialSphere

Our Team includes MASTERS of every single form of Web2.0 marketing, which is basically any marketing platform where users can interact with one another and share information. It’s not just FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace… Far from it.

Some of the most profitable Web2.0 sites include things like Hubpages, Squidoo, and LinkedIn along with countless others. Our team is going to implement for you all the leading edge Web 2.0 technologies to leverage ALL FORMS of WEB2.0 marketing so that we can assist you to generate an endless amount of laser-targeted leads to your business… FOR FREE!

The rapidly-rising popularity of social networks have changed the rules of customer interaction.

Using Web 2.0 social networks effectively requires some basic knowledge and a framework that will keep things running smoothly.  That is the value added aspect of our Brand Management service.

Keyword Research in the SocialSphere

Our team is also going to walk you through exactly how we’ve been able to choose keywords and scientifically know before we even start marketing whether or not that keyword is going to MAKE MONEY. Can you say POWERFUL?  We will guide you through a Keyword Validation study which is a very productive exercise and will give us the basic information around which the balance of your Brand Management program will be implemented. It is generally accepted in the SEO industry that trying to rank a homepage for anywhere near 100 keywords is unrealistic, so including that many keywords can actually be a negative.  We recommend a strategy to break up the keywords across your homepage and other subpages across your website and social sites which are all focused on increments of other keywords. Optimal ranking occurs when you limit the keywords to one (1) per page, so we implement a strategy which maximizes the ranking for each specific keyword.

Articles and Press Releases in the SocialSphere

Using effectively written Press Releases and industry-specific articles positioning our clients as subject matter experts is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies on the Internet.  To prove this for yourself, just Google ANY keyword… there’s a 90% chance that at least one of the top 10 positions on Google is an article or press release!

However, most internet marketers don’t dig deep into article marketing as a serious lead generation source.  We extensively use our network of hundreds of distribution outlets for rapid and effective publication of articles and press releases which get immediate distribution across this network.  We have spent years compiling, managing, updating and maintaining our list of the most effective distribution outlets and we make all of that work and research available for the benefit of our clients.

This means big results for you! As a member of our elite client team you will be the beneficiary of some of the most advanced article marketing strategies that will put you on the first page of Google FAST.

MySpace in the SocialSphere

In 2006 MySpace hit the 100,000,000 account status… it is now 2010… you do the math. MySpace can be just as powerful as FaceBook if you learn some of the tips and tricks our team knows how to implement for you.

MySpace was the marketing platform that some of the biggest internet superstars on our team started with just a few years ago.

Imagine all of the knowledge you could learn from self-made millionaires about MySpace who initially got their big push from leveraging MySpace…

Open the flood gates to an endless amount of traffic!

List Builders in the SocialSphere

Leveraging list builders is hands-down the simplest way to generate your very first lead online.

Our professional copywriting team produces PROVEN letters for our clients which we can start using for your benefit TODAY.  Although other internet marketers will tell you to simply copy, paste, insert a link for your website, and then shoot it out to some list builders, an effective use of List Builders is more sophisticated than this. Our solution is much more customized than a copy & paste solution, and our customized approach for you can generate leads with this strategy TODAY.  As with anything worth doing, if it were easy…everyone would be doing it. If you don’t even know what list builders are then quit reading this webpage, scroll to the bottom, and join our elite client team today… It’s time to get you into our fold!

Ezines in the SocialSphere

Ezines are online newsletters, and they can be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for branding your business. However, you can’t just throw up a solo ad in a newsletter and hope that it makes you money.

We’re going to take your content and leverage ezines the right way, how to find the money-makers before you even spend a dime, and give you the EXACT ads we recommend you let us post on your behalf so that YOU get as much traffic as possible.

Classified Ads & Forums in the SocialSphere

There are literally THOUSANDS of online forums and online newspapers / classifieds that get a good amount of traffic. With online classifieds you can get the benefit of our team’s proven 3-line advertisements, which will entice the reader to click on your ad and learn more. With online forums you can engage in conversations with other users who are interested in the same topics that you’re interested in.

Our team has uncovered a few key elements to both Classified ads and Forum Marketing so that we can make them both PROFITABLE for your benefit. Get ready for completely FREE leads ALL DAY LONG!

Prospecting & Closing in the SocialSphere

This is the #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL FOR A SUCCESSFUL BRAND MARKETER. It doesn’t matter if you can generate 100+ leads per day online if you can’t close a deal, right?

This is also the #1 reason why online network marketers will fail in this industry, period! They simply were never taught how to ask for the sale and close their prospects the right way.

Luckily our team is stacked with master prospectors and the best closers in the game, which means you’re going to not only have the benefit of our Brand Management, but you will learn the most effective closing skills in the industry, become a recruiting machine, and CLOSE DEALS AT WILL!

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