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EMail Approach


The WorldClass email marketing approach is aimed at helping every business type and size to bring a boost in their sales level. Just like direct mail, our email marketing approach is simple, fast and cost effective. We use a cutting-edge social marketing strategy and email campaigns to help you get connected with your existing as well as prospective customers. So, whatever the size or industry of your business, the WorldClass email marketing approach can have a great impact on your sales. If you are unhappy with the results (or lack thereof) of your business’ current email marketing strategy, then WorldClass offers you a powerful and effective email marketing approach custom designed to suit your business size, geographical area, target market and industry… and of course, one that is designed to produce results!

The WorldClass Social Marketing Strategy

According to many social media agencies, email marketing campaigns represent the more traditional approach to promoting a business online, while maintaining strong communication between it and its customer base. Well, we here at WorldClass know from experience in the industry that an email marketing approach to online advertising may be traditional, but this by no means makes it irrelevant! In reality, a social marketing strategy such as email marketing has been catering for the needs of businesses for years and is still considered as a major contributor to the success of online marketing campaigns. With the SEO professionals at WorldClass specializing in the design and execution of an effective social marketing strategy, our email marketing approach has delivered successful results to countless clients of both large and small businesses.

The WorldClass email marketing approach consists of:

  1. Planning
  2. Creation
  3. Implementation
  4. Modification

Within these four fundamental stages, our talented and experienced team pays particular attention to the following tasks in our email marketing approach:

  1. The creation of a variety of informative and/or promotional emails,
  2. The incorporation of eye-catching messages,
  3. The formulation of convincing and compelling subject lines
  4. The organization of message content and addresses
  5. Prioritizing deliverables,
  6. Applying the latest in effective viral marketing techniques, and
  7. Using data from third party lists

The Four Steps Involved in Our Email Marketing Approach

We here at WorldClass have come to understand that a structured and planned email marketing approach is the best social marketing strategy for securing clients greater business. As such, we always pursue the following four-step program when signing up a new client, so that all goals can be set and both parties informed and satisfied with an agreed-upon email marketing approach:

  • We perform a competitive analysis of your business,
  • We learn about your marketing goals, targeted audiences, message content, e-mail schedule and budget,
  • We set mailing targets for the campaigns,
  • We estimate and fix up the budget

Why Choose the WorldClass Social Marketing Strategy?

An effective email marketing approach enables you to build a partnership with your clients in a customized and mutually beneficial manner. At WorldClass, we adopt a social marketing strategy that offers you the best and most affordable email marketing campaigns. Our expert SEO professionals will not only guide you in the development of an appropriate email marketing campaign, but they will also ensure that this plan is transformed into a powerful and effective online marketing tool.

Benefits of the WorldClass Email Marketing Approach

  • The facilitation and promotion of customer communication,
  • Professionally-designed, informative and promotional emails with well-researched and written content with captivating images,
  • You get closer to your target audience through subscription options to newsletters,
  • Increased attention from a much greater base of customers and potential customers,
  • You get guaranteed results with our email marketing approach,
  • All at the most competitive prices on the market

 The WorldClass email marketing approach will bring a boost in your sales figures. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to visit our website: We also welcome your inquiries at +1 866.347.3321, or you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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