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The Internet is a virtual jungle; a labyrinth of information highways and connections that, if used correctly, can make your business visible to millions of potential customers. This, of course translates into greater leads and increased profits. Social marketing is all about using mediums designed to promote interaction and communication – such as social media and networking sites and email – between people for the purpose of advertising. And, as a social marketing agency, we have come to appreciate that one of the best social marketing strategies geared at keeping you in touch with your existing clients and potential new ones is through that most commonly used function… email! While just about everyone knows how to send an email, many business owners remain confused about the process involved in using it as a tool for social marketing. What follows are some of the questions that WorldClass frequently addresses. This FAQ will help you to better understand these social marketing strategies and how they can benefit your business enormously.

Email FAQ #1: What is Email Social Marketing?

Email marketing involves the sending out of electronic mail (email) to customers, potential customers and other related businesses that could possibly, through a mutually beneficial relationship, help you to get customers. What kind of email? Absolutely anything that is sincere in nature, promotional, informative and conducive to the nurturing of positive customer relations. Your email could consist of a newsletter containing interesting information on the industry within which you work, or it could contain information your latest product discounts; calling your customers to action to reap the benefit of these special offers! Considering that email is free, instant and globally-reaching, it is no wonder that the many social marketing agencies like us have caught onto this incredibly efficient means of communication. There are however, rules that can make or break your efforts at gaining online supremacy through social marketing strategies, such as email.

Email FAQ #2: What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

  • You get enhanced customer communication.
  • You can refine the content of your message to directly appeal to its target audience.
  • The emails you send out can and frequently are forwarded on to other people. So, using email to communicate with your existing contact list has a component of viral marketing as well; meaning that it is capable of spreading to a larger target audience without any effort from you!
  • You can respond immediately through emails.
  • You can keep a track record of the customers who have opened your mail.
  • You can personalize the entire email social marketing process to suit your preferences, making monitoring your campaign extremely simple.
  • There is no limit on how many emails you can send at a time. You can send a newsletter to only 10, or 10,000 of your contacts if you like!
  • There is no geographical limit on your advertising capabilities through email social marketing.
  • Using the Internet as a means for your social marketing strategies is free!

Email FAQ #3: How do I Establish a Contact’s List?

Of course, when it comes to social marketing strategies using email, you first and foremost need a group of people to send your promotional and informative content to. Establishing a list of contacts is perhaps the trickiest part of email marketing. You cannot send unsolicited emails – SPAM – to people you haven’t gotten permission from first. If you want to achieve the opposite of what you intended in the first place (drive people away and get your business black-listed) then spam is the best method, short of sending out grossly inappropriate graphic images of things that cannot be mentioned! WorldClass, as a social marketing agency, stresses that you gain permission from your customers first before you add them to your contacts list and this can be achieved by:

  • Encouraging customers or viewers on your website to sign up and become a member (usually by providing them with some kind of incentive first, such as a discount or a chance to win something).


  • Another of the social marketing strategies involves buying or ‘renting’ a list of contacts from a service company, who will allow you to send promotional material to their client base. This will enable you to specifically target potential customers according to factors such as geographical area, gender (if you sell shoes vs. power tools), interests (again, shoes or power tools), etc.


  • Asking customers in person for their email addresses when they buy something. You can achieve this simply by getting your staff to hand out forms with some sort of motivation, such as a prize drawing. We here at WorldClass always maintain that the more creative you get the better!


Email FAQ #4: How Do I Avoid Spamming?

If the people you are sending your promotional / informative social marketing emails to have not knowingly given out their email address to receive such information from you, then you are spamming. Unsolicited emails are ANNOYING and you could compel potential customers to go out of their way to deny you patronage simply because they’re irritated! Be scrupulous about compiling your mailing list and it will pay off in honest interest.

Email FAQ #5: Do I Need to Understand HTML to Create an Attractive Email Social Marketing Campaign?

An understanding of HTML does help in social marketing strategies, but where you – the business owner – will most be concerned is in the provision and/or generation of interesting informative or promotional material for the emails themselves. Since you understand your business (brand name and identity) most intimately, your input is most valuable in the quality of the social marketing email and its content. You can leave the geeky computer stuff up to us!

Email FAQ #6: Why Choose WorldClass as Your Social Marketing Agency?

We here at WorldClass provide expert services in email social marketing strategies. We cater to all sized businesses – large and small – and in every industry across the spectrum. From helping you to compile a suitable contact list to the production of content and broadcasting; we have a long-standing reputation as being one of the most creative, driven and comprehensive social marketing agencies out there. Along with our incredibly efficient services, we also take care to provide attractive pricing for them. If you want your business to excel in the online sphere, then there really is no better and more cost-effective solution for you! Email social marketing is fast becoming a favorable way to market your business’ products and services online. With WorldClass and our social marketing strategies, you can break all borders on reaching out to your target audience.

To learn more about our social marketing strategies and how they can benefit your business enormously, call us directly and toll free at +1 866.347.3321, or email us at for a free consultation!

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