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EMail Tools

At WorldClass, we understand that the most effective email tools amount to little without good planning and good business systems. As such, we spend a great amount of time at the beginning of a working relationship with a new client to understand your business model and to make sure that we can provide a solid return on investment with our email tools and marketing strategy. Part of our initial email marketing campaign is to plan for good data management habits. As with any good program management, having all of this in place from the beginning is of the utmost importance.

WorldClass Email Tools: Fundamental Stages of our Email Marketing Campaign

While email tools are a great way to establish communication with your existing and potential customers, there are a number of challenges that can come in the way.

•You need to take the time to create and send emails,
•You need the emails to actually get delivered,
•There is the risk of being accused of spamming, which can be a death sentence to a successful email marketing campaign,
•Most people lack a proper email marketing platform,
•Limited email marketing skill or experience,
•Weak email collection strategies,
•Lack of previous success

All of these points are very real issues that face a business owner wishing to launch a successful email marketing campaign. However, this is not even to mention the fact that the modern business owner has much greater issues of importance to attend to than writing and designing a weekly newsletter! WorldClass offers sophisticated email tools to ensure that your email marketing campaign is successful in securing you the attention of your target audience.

Our email tools enable us to:

•Assess your business model
•Evaluate your marketing strategies
•Review the sales process and product lines
•Evaluate current email practices
•Select relevant email strategies
•Generate a campaign plan
•Design and set up email infrastructure

With the aid of these email tools and services, WorldClass can ensure that you maintain a highly efficient delivery and retrieval system. Maintaining visibility and communication with your customers is essential in marketing and we help you achieve just this through your very own custom designed email marketing campaign.

WorldClass Email Tools: Email Marketing Acquisition Plan

One of the greatest challenges facing an email marketing campaign is establishing a list of contacts to send your emails to! Without getting permission from your contacts first to send them promotional emails or newsletters, you will be guilty of spamming. And yet, the more people you have on your list, the more effective your email marketing campaign is bound to be. As such, the modern business owner is looking at needing a large contact list… but being somewhat restricted in how they go about establishing one.

This is where the email tools offered by WorldClass can turn your email marketing campaign around. Although you’ve already probably got an existing list to whom you will be marketing (creating a great foundation), it is the primary goal of our email tools and strategies to bring about “New Name Acquisition.” We are interested in helping to craft an email marketing campaign that will:

•Build your list(s) faster
•Develop list segmentation strategies
•Secure your business increased prospects
•More customers
•Data collection best practices
•Use of single vs. double opt-in methods
•Avoiding spam complaints starting at the very beginning
•All at affordable rates

The WorldClass approach to email marketing is all about high quality service and email tools and totally affordable rates. From initial discussion to email setup and delivery, WorldClass offers a customer-friendly approach to help you promote your business with the advantage of email marketing.

Here are some of our email tools that could be used to secure your business increased interest, customers and sales:

Email Tools: Auto-Responders

WorldClass encourages the use of Auto-Responders. These email tools consist of a series of emails that are automatically sent on a predetermined time sequence. This email marketing method is designed to build a relationship with a new community member and can be used in a number of different ways. Auto-responders can be triggered by many events, such as signing up for a newsletter, the purchasing of a product or service, or making a query from your website. It is based on the marketing truism that you need to connect with someone eight times in order to start building a relationship and earn trust. And trust is the key building block to opening up sales! As part of our email tools setup, we consult on the best style and type of auto-responder series to use. Then we coordinate with you to create and set up the series.

Email Tools: Rolling Plans

We like to encourage our clients to maintain a 3-month rolling plan of upcoming events so that they can craft a message that looks like it is a part of a consistent series to the reader. Most email campaigns are thought of last minute and don’t seem like part of a consistent message. The email tools rolling plan also keeps room in the schedule to handle more than one event. These might include:

• Company events, such as trade shows, product launches and customer events
• Monthly promotions
• Inventory clearance opportunities

As you are experienced in this area, we both agree that email marketing is a component of the online marketing channel that works best when it is comprised of good quality copy and consistent frequency. You will be responsible for crafting the actual content for these various emails, and each works in synergy with the other. Email copy is the heart of email marketing. It is your content and electronic media that is going to get a reader’s attention and hold it through till the call for action at the very end.

Email Tools: Metrics and Reporting

In order to ensure that your email marketing campaign is working in securing your business greater customer attention and support, WorldClass takes great care in monitoring the reports provided by your selected email service provider. The feedback from this step is critical in understanding what your readership responds to and what they don’t respond to and making the appropriate changes. We use our sophisticated email tools to track the following metrics monthly and can help you interpret, analyze and adjust your email marketing campaign accordingly:

•Number of new email addresses from the website
•Number of people who opened an email
•Number of people who clicked on the email offer
•Number of people who unsubscribe from the list
•Number of bad email addresses
•Number of new leads
The information provided by our email tools is really, really important to measuring how effective your email marketing campaign is, where it is improving and where it needs further improvement.

To learn more about our email tools, approach and campaigns at affordable rates, please contact us at +1 866.347.3321, or you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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