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Call Tracking

The effectiveness of your Internet marketing campaign largely determines the volume of your sales inquiries. As such, you need to have firm control over both your email and call tracking measures. You need to be able to determine which leads are positive and more often than not, result in sales and subsequently, which leads require following up on. Overlooking a positive lead could result in the loss of a sale, which is why a good call tracking system is absolutely vital to any marketing campaign.

WorldClass online media agency offers both email and call tracking measurement solutions that enable businesses, both large and small, to effectively manage all of their sales leads. We offer call tracking as an individual service or as a part of our exclusive lead management service, which provides both monthly and immediate call analytics reports. Our call reporting solutions involve data tracking on telephone numbers and voice over IP. This data then enables us to record the call duration and routing for both inbound and outbound calls. Our call tracking system can be used to accurately determine the success of an Internet marketing campaign and will play a crucial role in increasing your sales revenue.

Benefits of WorldClass Call Tracking Services

It takes an expert to provide a high quality call tracking solution and as such, many business owners don’t know which online advertisements will generate the maximum amount of leads needed to marginally increase sales. We here at WorldClass online media agency pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We understand that not everyone is an Internet marketing guru, which is why we consist of a team of experts who will guide you through every step of the decision-making process. By ensuring that you make informed decisions and are completely comfortable with your businesses call tracking solution, you can be guaranteed of ultimate customer satisfaction.

WorldClass Call Tracking Features Include:

• Real-Time Google Analytics Reports

WorldClass online media agency offers both completed and real-time web analytics reports that can be easily accessed online at anytime. Our call tracking service also allows you to download files, send scheduled reports to your account via email or incorporate reports into your software system with our Application Programming Interface feature.

• Campaign Management Facility: Tracking Multiple Customers or Campaigns

WorldClass’ campaign management facility enables you to categorize your call tracking numbers in order to provide scheduled reports.

This will enable you to:

– Manage multiple customers waiting to sign-up,
– Manage your different marketing campaigns,
– Monitor the results (success and failure) of these various marketing campaigns and strategies,
– Correspond your call tracking reports with your Google Analytics reports

• Tracking Phone Calls from Internet Marketing Campaigns

Are you seeking ways to figure out which websites, Pay-Per-Click campaigns or keywords generate the largest amount of high quality leads? Worldclass online media agency offers a dynamic phone number generation system that enables your website to track specific referral sources. By knowing exactly which leads are coming from where, you can consequently eliminate Pay-Per-Click adverts that aren’t successful and place more effort into those that are, providing a large number of sales leads.

• Record Calls, Lead Qualification, Route Calls and More…

Apart from call tracking, WorldClass online media agency provides useful features that include call recording: a system that records qualifying inbound phone calls and route calls.

• Alert Messages to Recognize the Caller

Before you receive the inbound phone call, our call tracking service will send you an alert message indicating who and where that specific call is coming from.

WorldClass Call Tracking Services: Contact Us

Should you have any questions, comments or wish to know more about our other services, do not hesitate to contact us!

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