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Web Design FAQ


“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L. Peters

 When you go out for a night on the town, do you throw on a stained T-shirt and some shorts? Hopefully not! Chances are that you put a bit of effort into your appearance because, let’s be honest, appearance is important! Whether you are trying to attract a man or a woman, or simply wish to make a good professional or social impression; the ‘wrapper’ you show up in is important. The time you take to make yourself look good pays off in the attention you get from the people you meet. Well, this is in principle no different from social advertising and web design! Below are some of the questions frequently asked of us, WorldClass, as a web agency.

Web Design FAQ #1: What is Web Design?

Web design is the way in which content or information is presented to the end user on the Internet. Putting it less technically, it refers to the presentation, design and layout of your website. It refers to all the text and visual content as well as the positioning of this content by your web agency throughout the website. The importance of good web design was highlighted by the metaphor described above: making a positive impact begins with the visual sense. Ease of navigation, quality of information and accessibility are also incredibly important factors that go into the work a web agency does when designing a business’ website.

Web Design FAQ #2: How Much Time Does it Take a Web Agency to Complete a Website’s Design?

The average time period it takes for a web agency to finish designing a website depends heavily upon a variety of factors, not least of all the size and complexity of the website you want us to build for you! Generally, it is the client who sets the deadline for the project completion and – given realistic parameters within which to work – we will strive to complete your website by the agreed-upon date. Having said this, it is in our experience as a web agency that most of the delays that occur during the design process are as a result of waiting for the client to deliver the content (images/text) they want represented in the finished product.

Web Design FAQ #3:  Is a Face-to-Face Meeting with WorldClass Necessary to Begin the Design of my Website?

WorldClass is a web agency. As such, we are experts in using the Internet as a means for communication, networking and interaction! When it comes to social advertising and the design of your business’ website, we do not need to personally meet with you face-to-face (although if you would like to, then this can certainly be arranged!) We know how incredibly busy the modern business owner is, so we find that phone, email and Skype are more than enough to facilitate the dialogue necessary to build you a website that is representative of your business.

Web Design FAQ #4: How Can I Monitor and Provide Feedback on the Design of my Website?

When it comes to approving the various stages of design, we upload the templates or drafts into a confidential location where only you and your web agency, WorldClass, can view it. During this process, we will maintain frequent communication with you so that we can discuss your social advertising and web designing requirements. This enables us to deliver to you your desired customized design and website functionality… all within the given time frame you request.

Web Design FAQ #5:  What Kind of Services can I Expect From WorldClass after Completion of my Website Design?

As a web agency, WorldClass not only specializes in the designing of websites, but in social advertising, online marketing and web maintenance too. In fact, web design is only one of the many services we provide to our clients! Social advertising aside, we are always a phone call or email away should you face any technical problems or require any modifications. Once your website has been designed, approved and is live, our web agency maintenance service will ensure that your website keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in social advertising and design. This way, it can remain contemporary and appealing to its target audience.

Web Design FAQ #6:  If I am not happy with the Finished Product, Can I Move my Website Over to another Web Agency or Designer?

If WorldClass ails to deliver or meet your expectations, we will certainly step aside for you to move your project over to another web agency. However, it must be said that we are a professional web designing company with an impeccable customer satisfaction record. Since your website is fundamental to the social advertising and online marketing of your business, WorldClass goes to great lengths to make it acutely representative of your brand name and identity, while providing informative and high quality content to populate its pages with. So, we assure you the best possible social advertising and design services that fit within your budget.

Web Design FAQ #7: In What Formats do I Need to Provide Photographs and Text for my New Business Website?

We greatly encourage our clients to submit the photographs and text content they would like to be featured in their website. In all cases, these should be provided to the web agency in electronic form. As far as images are concerned, this web agency prefers the format generally produced by digital cameras (JPEG). And any writing can be submitted in a text, MS Word or similar file format. Whatever content you may have – be it pictures, diagrams, videos, audio clips or text – we will find a way to get it up onto your website and looking great! Please also note that once you are a WorldClass client, a full description of the acceptable formats for photos, audios, videos and text will be provided to you at that time.

Web Design FAQ #8: Will a Web Agency make my Website Design Search Engine Friendly?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a top priority of our team of WorldClass professional web designers! There’s no point in producing a beautifully designed website if no one can see it, so this web agency delivers to you a final product that complies strictly with search engine guidelines. Consequently, you will enjoy the benefit of greater online visibility as well as a successful social advertising campaign. This means increased web-traffic, more leads, greater customers and increased profits! In addition to this initial service, WorldClass will periodically re-assess your website to make sure that it complies with the very latest in search engine algorithms. With this web agency service, you will be able to remain highly visible online, regardless of the constant evolution of search engine rules and regulations.

Web Design FAQ # 9: What Factors Make a Top Class Website?

If you want to retain visitors to your website for as long as possible, you most certainly want your company website to include the latest technology, full featured navigation with exciting graphics and great content on all pages. Not every web agency will tell you that adding video is an excellent strategy; our experience, however, allows us to inform you that for instant visitor engagement, you can’t beat a professional video with a great script. Without excellent website design based on state-of-the-art technology, your target audience will view your company and brand as not up with the times. If you are going to do business with the 21st century consumer, your website design must meet their scrutiny. It must also make locating and using all features fast and easy, as well as highly original and informative.

Web Design FAQ #10: How much do State-of-the-Art Website Designs Cost?

This is one of those loaded questions that just aren’t possible to provide a straight-forward answer to without writing an essay on the subject! Every business, product or service, and industry is unique. The right style of website design that properly presents your brand and business to your public will vary just as greatly. After all, a site that sells the latest styles in designer sneakers will be hugely different than one designed for an attorney’s office. One is a local search presentation, one is a national search presentation and each will have a target audience that is, for the most part, like night and day. Yes, people who need legal services buy tennis shoes. However, no one from the lower class to the elite in society would expect to find a lawyer offering his services on a site style that would befit peddling track shoes. The best way to discover the answer to this question is to speak with us, your web agency, at +1 866.347.3321, or email us at for a free consultation.

Web Design FAQ #11: Why don’t you have a Website Design Portfolio on your Site?

Most professionals in any industry prefer to keep their best maneuvers a guarded secret! And things like their choice of web agency and social advertising firm are among these preferences. Your social advertising information or website designer secrets are not the kind of thing most businesses want their competitors to be able to research and analyze. Some things are just sacred. We respect our clients’ wishes and do not publish this type of information on our site for the world to view online. This is a form respect and great customer service that you will no doubt appreciate and wish to benefit from, as well.

Having said this, we do have an extensive portfolio and can share samples of our website design work privately. Our web agency’s prices for website design, as with all of our services, are very competitive. To learn more about our social advertising and website design capabilities, call us at +1 866.347.3321, or email us at for a free consultation!


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