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If those infinite marketing anagrams such as SEO, SMO and PPC are enough to send you screaming in the opposite direction, then fear not. That’s what the SEO agency is for: to promote your business in the virtual ether that is the Internet using search engine marketing strategies. However, if you are a forward-thinker and would like to understand what search engine marketing is all about and how it can increase your rankings on global search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, then look no further than the following FAQ from WorldClass:

SEO FAQ #1: What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the specialized strategies used to make your website more visible to search engines. Ok, so what’s a search engine? The phrase may have an alien ring to it, but you use a search engine every time you go onto the Internet. You know them as ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ and ‘MSN’. Every time you open up your Internet browser and type in the key phrase you are looking for, one of these search engines pores through the billions and zillions of pages on the World Wide Web, looking for websites that are relevant to what it is you are looking for. Once it is done (which takes only a second or two), you are left with a page that displays a list of what the search engine perceives to be the most closely matched search results.

SEO FAQ #2: Is Search Engine Marketing Really that Important to the Online Success of my Business?

According to search engine marketing statistics, as much as 75% of all people turn to the virtual pages of the Internet to find information, whether it’s for their 7th grade science projects or for directions to the zoo. Similarly, people looking for products and services that your business may provide also look on the Internet, so it is in your best interests (and those of your quarterly statement) to be as visible to search engines as possible.

The more SEO-savvy your website, the more likely you will be recognized by search engines when people look for information on products and services related to those your business happens to provide. And this is the point of search engine marketing. The higher you rank on the search results pages yielded by local or global search engines, the more interest you are going to attract from potential clients.

SEO FAQ #3: What Can Search Engine Marketing do for my Business?

Search engine marketing has the potential to instantly transform the market share of your business by bringing maximum online exposure and targeted traffic to it. Whether you are an entrepreneur using the Internet as a platform to reach out to more customers, or a professional online marketer selling services or products through web portals; search engine marketing is necessary for continual long-term profits. Without the work of the SEO agency, the chances of making your website achieve high search engine rankings are very slim.

SEO FAQ #4: When will I Start to See the Results from the SEO Agency’s Search Engine Marketing Endeavors?

Search engine marketing is not a one-time, instant gratification, instant results kind of endeavor. It is an ongoing process that requires investments in time and effort before the results will start to reflect in your rankings on, for example, Google. This in turn will take time to show itself in the amount of viewers that grace your website, which AGAIN, takes time before any appreciable difference in sales is made! Generally, however, WorldClass SEO agency begins to see results in our search engine marketing strategies, 20 to 30 days after the initial phase of optimization. If, however, your website has never been optimized before, then the time frame will be longer at about three to four weeks. This is because we generally recommend that the content of your website is keyword enriched, which takes our copywriters time to process.

SEO FAQ #5: Where Can I Expect my Website to Rank Once WorldClass has Completed its Search Engine Marketing Campaign?

With time and hard work from us, your SEO agency, we strive to get your website to appear in the top ten results yielded by both local and global search engines (depending on the nature of your business and its geographical limits, of course). This will require continuous search engine marketing to maintain.


SEO FAQ #6: Do I Need to Optimize Each Individual Page of my Website?

Well, you need to optimize each webpage individually; especially those pages that are most relevant to your website. This is done to help the majority of your website’s pages appear in high search engine ranking positions, which will consequently drive more business to your website. It is simply no good to just duplicate the text and media content from one page to the next. Think of search engine marketing this way: if you buy ten tickets for the lottery, you are going to choose a variety of number combinations; not play the same numbers ten times! The more numbers you choose, the greater your chance of winning! Ten tickets with the same numbers will not give you a better chance of winning any more than one ticket with the same numbers will. As such, each website page should be uniquely optimized… it will increase your online visibility.


SEO FAQ #7: How can I improve the SEO positioning of my website?

Search engine marketing and the improvements in ranking are achieved on the basis of the following set of factors:

  • Choose a set of keywords that are relevant to your business
  • Decide upon your targeted market sector (local, global or niche)
  • This SEO agency will use a combination of on-page and off-page search engine marketing techniques
  • Build a complex network of link and back-links
  • Regularly assess your website’s performance once SEO activities have been done

If you can’t even imagine where to start doing any of these things, then don’t for a second worry. WorldClass is a sophisticated SEO agency that specializes in all of the above! We will provide you with detailed feedback on the success of our search engine marketing endeavors.

SEO FAQ #8: How is WorldClass Better than its SEO Agency Competitors?

WorldClass offers result-oriented search engine marketing strategies and services. Your typical SEO agency follows conventional or general methods that can ultimately compromise your rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and/or MSN. WorldClass adapts a customer-friendly approach, while using cutting-edge SEO techniques to cater to the business objectives of our customers. In this way, we bring an improvement in your web-traffic as well as its visibility to search engines. Ranking results on major search engines are a testament to the experience and expertise of our team of SEO agency professionals. We give 100% customer satisfaction along with our professionally designed search engine marketing services.

SEO FAQ #9: How Are WorldClass’ SEO Services Pricing Structured?

The pricing this SEO agency offers our clients varies according to the project requirements and the extent of the search engine marketing, both off-page and on-page, needed for your website. SEO pricing can also differ after going through an analysis of your target market sector and market competition. If we concentrate on a challenging market condition, SEO pricing is likely to go up. Please feel free to contact us directly and – taking into account your specific project requirements – we can discuss our search engine marketing pricing with you in more detail.

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