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Social Media Marketing FAQ


“Social media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master and servant, to peer to peer”

Jay Baer

 We here at WorldClass certainly would not want anyone visiting our website to be confused about the lingo that is special to social media marketing. FAQ is pretty self explanatory, but you probably have some questions, that if quickly answered, will make understanding the information available on different parts of our site and in our onsite blog posts – far easier to absorb. We have covered the most common questions here with simple to understand, comprehensive answers. Furthermore, unlike the majority of social media marketing information, you will find on any other social media agency’s web pages, we have gone the extra mile to translate “techspeak” into simple English.

Social Media FAQ #1: What is Social Media Marketing?

 In a nutshell, social media marketing is a multi-faceted group of ways that you can market products and services, or build a brand and a business on the Internet. It is the many layers and inter-connecting or overlapping methods your business needs to use in order to promote and present what you sell to the right group of people looking for what you have to offer them. You don’t have to be a big business, or even a certain type of business to require the services of a social media agency. It’s how you make the connection with the buyers who need or want what you are selling.

 You will see other terms for social media marketing used in the industry and by other businesses like yours. Don’t be confused if someone starts talking about online marketing, eMarketing, business marketing or web marketing. Guide or industry FAQ pages all over the internet use different terms to describe this very same thing. Other references include ‘webvertising’, online advertising and internet advertising.

 Most social media agency companies will tell you that advertising and marketing online are all one and the same. This is not quite right. Social media marketing is the process of promotion and online advertising is the presentation of the finished outcome from the process. Like snapping a film photo, developing the negative, and finally you are presented with the finished picture. The final presentation won’t be worth 1,000 words if you skip the development process! Make a note of that, it is a crucial piece of social media marketing information to memorize.

Social Media FAQ #2: Why Would my Business Need Social Media Marketing?

With over 234 million websites online in December 2009, gaining a sound connection to your target market group makes practicing comprehensive social media marketing a necessity for any company wishing to do business online today. That number of businesses and blogs all competing for the top page of organic search results is not about to go down or remain stagnant. In 2009, a total of 47 million websites were added to the total count. With such an incredible number of competing businesses online, social media marketing and advertising is a fundamental way to make your business visible to its intended audience! The social media agency provides a crucial service to any business wanting to succeed in the brick-and-mortar world, or in the more exciting realm of cyberspace. No social media agency would ever tell you otherwise. If you don’t do social media marketing, your business is never going to be heard over and above its multitude of competitors. It is as simple and clean-cut as that.

Social Media FAQ #3: What are the Different Marketing Strategies Used by Your Social Media Agency?

First of all, don’t confuse the different types of social media marketing with the different techniques of social media marketing. FAQ pages on some of our competitor’s social media agency sites group different types of marketing with some of the more commonly used techniques used to do online marketing. So we’d like to clarify this situation for you and make it a bit less mind-boggling.

Social media marketing techniques that top notch companies like WorldClass would use include the following broad categories, which in turn include many different inter-connected methods to increase the power of strategy in practice:

  • Search Engine Optimization marketing, or SEO marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing, or SEM marketing
  • Social Media Marketing, or SMM marketing
  • Pay Per Click advertising, PPC advertising
  • Article Marketing: The creation of SEO key-worded articles and blogs and their submission to article directories,

Social Media FAQ #4: What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click is a strategy used by our social media agency to encourage affiliate marketing with other businesses through your website, or vice versa. How it works is that advertisers pay a small amount each and every time a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website. There are PPC ads for search and PPC ads for publishers. PPC ads created for search always appear in the right sidebar of search engine results pages. PPC ads for publishers can appear on blogs and affiliate marketer websites, article directory pages of immense relevancy and just about any other type of page launched on the Internet.

PPC ads, no matter where they appear, are instantly targeted to the most relevant pages and sites available. This is all part of how the social media advertising model works. The PPC advertiser doesn’t have to make this action take place. Take note that your PPC ads are utilized to monetize thousands of pages trying to earn money as affiliates to social media marketing. Information that appears on these pages is beyond your control, though most times the PPC program will do an excellent job at weeding out inappropriate pages that would do your small contextual ads injustice.

Social Media FAQ #5: What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

In a nutshell, social media marketing is fundamental if you want to do business online. Without marketing and search engine optimization, you will struggle to be visible to your target audience. All the potential customers that would otherwise purchase your products and services will be picked up by your competitors, who made that important investment in their social media marketing. The most vital point you could take away from this social media agency’s FAQ page here, is that you need social media marketing and SEO if you ever hope to connect your products, services or brand with the target audience you seek. Without marketing, your business website online is pretty close to being an exercise in futility. A nice metaphor for this is: You wouldn’t try mowing a lawn with a pair of scissors, so don’t try doing business for profit online without social media marketing!

The different benefits fall into the following broad categories:

 Direct connection and communication with your target audience

  • Establishing a strong brand name, identity and awareness
  • Local and global online exposure of your business (depending on the specific requirements of your enterprise)
  • Pre-qualified visitors matched to your product or service
  • Large increases in your website’s traffic volume
  • A vastly improved return on investment
  • Generating revenue
  • Increased sales conversions


Social Media FAQ #6: How Can I Increase my Website Traffic?

Increasing website traffic is the primary goal of WorldClass as a social media agency! There are lots of ways to increase the number of visitors your website gets, however, different social media marketing strategies will bring you varied traffic volume results. All the tools, methods and strategies employed by web savvy folks like the experienced team here at WorldClass will increase the number of people that view your website on a weekly and even daily basis! Because no two businesses are the same, the social media strategies we recommend for you might differ from those we prescribe to another enterprise in a different industry sector and geographical location. Naturally, your social media marketing campaign must be customized to deliver what is needed and altered to meet each new goal!

Here are some of the few ways this social media agency increases your web traffic:

  • For immediate results: press releases, RSS feeds (Really Simple Sindication) and social media marketing
  • For long term results: Organic SEO, social media marketing, directory article submission, continual fresh site content, Rate of Return (ROR) strong, directory submissions, inbound link building, website design, blog design, online reputation management.
  • Branding: Social media marketing, video marketing, domain name, interactive communities, SEO, search engine ranking, blogging, search engine marketing


If you struggle to understand these terms, then don’t worry! Turn to our Client Training page for more information on this Geek Greek. Alternatively, you can speak with this social media agency directly by calling us on +1 866.347.3321, or emailing us at We will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

Social Media FAQ #7: Can WorldClass Social Media Agency Guarantee My Company’s Results if I Hire You?

The vast majority of social media marketing companies will not guarantee you anything. They merely state that it is impossible to guarantee any results from social media marketing. We here at WorldClass however believe this to be a sad and very outdated practice. With today’s technology and social media marketing tools, there is no reason that those who excel at social media marketing cannot put you on the first page of organic search results!

WorldClass does guarantee your company’s results with specific parameters mutually agreed by you and our social media agency.  We go through a keyword assessment process to identify the agreed upon target keywords to which this guarantee will apply.  For the majority of our Brand Builder accounts these keywords MUST be focused upon for local searches and geotag coded for localized keywords. We also guarantee that your business, brand and social media marketing information are confidential and entirely secure with us. As this social media agency’s client, you will attain first page placements for your brand and business website for selected keywords on which we mutually agree!

Please note that for most clients, this guarantee will apply to the localized focus of target keywords unless the subscription level reflects generic keywords not geotag coded for local search. We will guarantee all results for any selected keywords, but the payment amount per subscription level will determine which keywords (localized or not) will fall within the guarantee.

In the 21st century, there really is no excuse for not guaranteeing your online marketing client a top 10 placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yes, organic search placement is fiercely competitive. Clients who work with WorldClass are relieved of this battle and allowed to apply their complete attention to running and growing their business. You simply cannot go wrong by joining forces with our social media agency!

Social Media FAQ #8: Can Your Social Media Agency Guarantee me the #1 Spot on Google?

No social media agency can truthfully guarantee you the top spot on any organic search results. Search is not like paid inclusion; the featured listings at the top of search results pages. Organic search will always grab a larger portion of your target audience’s attention than any paid placement and even PPC for Search. Social media marketing companies that guarantee you the #1 spot on any search engine – major or otherwise – is beyond belief. WorldClass guarantees you will rise to first page placement (at least 1 Top 10 entry) in organic search. We can, and will, make this happen. Not using Pay Per Click advertising, but in the organic search results.

Social Media FAQ #9: How Long does it take to List High in Organic Search Results?

The length of time it will take a site to rank high depends on how competitive your market is, how well your website is established, and how hard you are willing to work. Of course, if you hire WorldClass to handle your social media marketing, the last point doesn’t hold any weight for you and your company site! If your website is already well established, or in a niche marketing field, the initial results will clearly be seen in under a month’s time.

For sites that are newly launched, or websites in exceptionally competitive markets, it could take this social media agency three to six months to achieve a significant increase in your traffic volume. This is because building quality inbound linking is a marketing strategy that requires time to create results in a natural manner.

Some keywords are so competitive, that at times the effort and expense to rank well for them is simply not worth the effort; not in Pay Per Click advertising or organically on your website. Many times, when presented with this situation your best bet is to optimize your website for relative keywords that the competition is not so fierce over. This strategy can give you a better return on investment for your available time and monetary resources.

Social Media FAQ #10: Can I Call or Email and Get Responses about my Campaigns and Strategies?

Absolutely! WorldClass doesn’t just offer you social media marketing information on our website. Our social media agency takes an individual and personal approach to each of our client’s projects and concerns. We believe in delivering the best customer service, which definitely includes communication and respect for one another. If you have questions about what is going on, we welcome our customers’ phone calls and email communications. We are always here for you and can be easily contacted during regularly scheduled office hours in the PST/PDT time zone.

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We hope that you find our WorldClassID Encyclopedia helpful. If your questions and/or concerns are not addressed here, please give us a call during regular office hours at +1 866.347.3321, or email us at

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