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WorldClass Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Google Search Network comprises of Google’s own properties and various other search engines like, which are powered by Google search results.

We will have specific campaigns targeting the search network only. These campaigns will be created based on different groups of keywords against which the ads will be shown.

Google Content Network consists of various websites that are not Google properties but display contextual advertisement served by Google. Different formats of Ads can be used for content network such as Text ads, Image ads, Video ads etc.

We will have specific campaigns targeting the content network only using different formats of Ads. These campaigns will be created based on different groups of keywords which are outlined in a detailed PPC Marketing Proposal we are happy to provide you.

Brand Terms: This campaign will cover brand terms specific to our client needs.

Competitors Terms: Here we will cover terms that are competitors’ brand names.

Placements: Here we will target specific websites relevant to the industry. We will discuss more on these sites later.

A landing page is one of THE most important element of any PPC campaign. A landing page is where a prospective customer lands after clicking your Ad. It is important to match the visitor expectation from the the Ad through page layout, content and call-to-action. So you should have landing pages specific to each ad group/campaign.

Directing all PPC traffic to the homepage is not advisable at all.  This not only harms the conversion rate but also decreases the Quality Score resulting to increased cost per click. Over all, your profit is affected in a negative way.

For this reason, having separate landing pages for individual ad group/campaign is of utmost importance.

Here is a summary of what an ideal landing page should contain:

•Heading matching to Ad text •Body content according to the Ad •Call-to-action as per Ad Text

A/B Split testing and multivariate testing are another important aspects of landing page optimization. Small factors such as change of button color or position of call-to-action button can hugely impact website conversion rate. Therefore, it is advisable to test different versions of same landing page to identify which version/layout works best for your customers.

We will create specific landing pages targeted to each ad campaign. These landing pages will be created with text, images, call-to-actions specific to a campaign to increase the conversion rate.

The landing pages will have all kinds of tracking codes installed to monitor visitor behavior. We will also carry out Multivariate Testing to determine the most consumer-friendly version of the landing pages. This will help to better the conversion rate thus resulting to more business.

We will work towards ensuring that you get a decent ROI from the PPC campaigns. Just to give you some idea, let’s do a sample ROI calculation:

Let’s take one of the most important keywords – “dental implants”. As per Google’s data, “dental implants” attracts 33100 monthly searches (Exact match) with an avg bid value of US$8.50. Now let’s assume a mere 1% CTR (i.e. out of every 100 people that see your ads, only 1 person clicks on the ad). So we get 33100*1% = 331 visitors to the site through PPC. This will cost you 331*US$8.50 = US$2813.50 to acquire those visitors.

Now let’s assume a modest 2% conversion rate i.e. out of every 100 visitors to your site, only 2 persons become your actual paying customer. So that makes 331*2% = 6.62 ~ 6 customers. Assuming your avg. income per patient is $10000, you can do business worth US$10000*6 = US$60000. So it’s a return of US$60000 on an investment of US$2813.50.

**Please keep in mind that it’s just a sample ROI calculation and is based on certain assumptions.

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