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Social Media Marketing Service

The past decade has seen the monumental explosion of websites on the Internet that are platforms for social media marketing services. From Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to YouTube, Bebo and Hi5; the potential for social media marketing services is truly astounding and these sites are connecting people from every single city, country and continent on the globe. There is quite literally no limit to the reach of the Internet and this has facilitated immense social interaction. People can keep up to date with hundreds of friends, engage in conversation, share pictures, videos and music and reconnect with friends that they have long lost contact with. Where distances, obstacles and oceans once came in the way of communication and sharing, there are now literally hundreds of social media marketing service websites making connection and reconnection possible in a way like never before.

Social Media Marketing Services: The Statistics

Social media essentially refers to the myriad of Internet-based sites that facilitate and promote social interaction and networking. In order to truly appreciate the marketing power of social media, one need only consider the following statistics:

• 75% of the global consumers who go online visit websites that can be used as a platform for social media marketing services.
• This figure has increased by a massive 24% since last year.
• Each visitor spends approximately 66% more time on social media marketing service websites than the previous year (from 3 hours per day to 6.5!)
• 22% of all human time is spent browsing social media marketing service websites.
• In July of 2010, Facebook announced over 500 million users.
• LinkedIn currently has 60 million subscribers, which increased by 5 million in just 2 months.
• Twitter has 110 million users
• MySpace has 57 million users in the United States alone
• Yelp sees over 30 million viewers per month
• Tagged has 100 million registered users.

So, what does this all mean? Social media has captivated the world’s attention and the number of users and time spent per day by each user is only increasing with each passing month. And what does this mean for business?

The Importance of Social Media Marketing Services to the Modern Business

The explosion of websites that are platforms for social media marketing services on the Internet (and the vast number of people who subscribe to any of the hundreds out there) has provided businesses of all sizes with an incredible opportunity to cash in on the exposure they can afford. Consider Facebook; one of the biggest of all the social networking sites to exist in the virtual domain. Facebook has over 500 million active viewers: subscribers who login and spend time on the site every day. The business that has visibility on Facebook is therefore being seen by tens, if not hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. It is this potential for incredible exposure and the subsequent accumulation of leads that has made social media the new medium for modern marketing and advertising. The statistics have spoken: the business that does not make the jump into social media as a means for spreading their brand image and name will literally be left in the dust of its competitors.

WorldClass Social Media Marketing Services

WorldClass operates from a foundation of over 25 years of combined experience in advertising and social media marketing services. Our team consists of a number of web, tech and marketing savvy people who are experts in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Staff specialties include top developers, programmers, web designers, graphic and video artists, web content writers and last but not least – several top marketing executives. The founding team of marketing executives formed this unique SEO firm as a true boutique-styled organic SEO marketing firm.

Our vast experience and talents, along with our detailed dedication to customer service, exemplary social media marketing services, information confidentiality and thorough processes set us apart from the industry. Our goal is to catapult your business website and brand to the top placements in search and increase your sales. We feel it is the key to our business to work with the right clients and maintain long lasting relationships with each of them on a close and individual basis. For today, tomorrow and far into the future, WorldClass is your social media marketing service provider and the key to your company’s success. Partnering with WorldClass allows your entity to be more profitable at online business; on a local, national or international scale.
For the best social media marketing services at affordable rates, feel free to contact us at WorldClass. We welcome your inquiries at +1 866.347.3321, or you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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