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Web Analytics Approach


Introduction: The Learning Process

The best way to improve is to learn from your mistakes. This is true for just about any sphere of life and applies to the mastering of any skill and perfect execution of any endeavor. The same applies for online marketing, which you may have found to be an exercise in ‘trial and error’ and ‘hit and miss’! The only way you can adopt the perfect online marketing campaign or strategy is by learning – through a process – what suits your particular business best. The same marketing strategy used to promote the local bakery cannot be applied to an international clothing brand’s website and because of this; your social media agency needs to learn what will suit your particular business best.

Understanding Web Analytics

Web analytics is the tool used to assess the performance of a website in terms of the number of viewers it receives and various other statistics, such as how long they stayed on your website before moving on and which pages received the most attention. When used by an expert social media agency, such as WorldClass, the Web Analytics approach is a virtual treasure trove of invaluable business and market data! The statistics yielded by our Web Analytics approach enables us – and you, the business owner – to assess the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns and subsequently, to (1) stop investing in those strategies that aren’t working as well as they should and (2) channel more resources into those that are!

The WorldClass Web Analytics Approach

A professional Web Analytics approach is a fantastic way to understand your website’s performance and how a social media agency such as WorldClass improves upon it. So many business owners are confounded as to the effectiveness of their website in attracting customers and how they can improve performance. Well, the WorldClass Web Analytics approach is the perfect way we can help you make the improvements you need in order to see much greater web traffic, lead generation and profits. But more than this, our Web Analytics approach will also educate you – the business owner – in how to understand your business website performance; enabling you to take success into your own hands. Here are some of the most important components of our Web Analytics approach:

  • The Web Analytics approach of our social media agency begins first and foremost with determining the overall performance of your website using a set of technical tools. This initial process helps us to gauge what elements are missing in the design, layout, SEO, etc. of your website.
  • By comparing the number of visitors you receive over a period of time with the corresponding sales figures, we can determine where your problems lie and fix them accordingly.
  • We provide you with detailed information on the performance of your website as reflected by the parameters you are most interested in, for example, number of hits or viewers per month, etc.
  • Once our initial analysis has been completed, we will – together with your valued input – set up goals in terms of the number of visitors and the amount of sales you wish to see, in addition to the number of subscriptions made.
  • Our Web Analytics approach includes regular detailed reports that are customized according to your needs. Web analytic programs yield an incredible amount of information. While you may find some of this useful and relevant, there are heaps more that you may find confusing! Our social media agency establishes which parameters you want to know about on a regular basis and subsequently compiles detailed reports for you based upon these pre-determined factors.  These reports will help you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing endeavors.
  • The Web Analytics approach assumed by our social media agency includes ongoing maintenance, updating and improvement of your website to achieve the desired results as laid out in our initial analysis. Together with our allied departments, we will take care of the designing, search engine optimization and content production that will ensure your website remains updated and attractive as well.
  • Our web analytics team is always there and ready to help you solve your issues and answer your questions!

WorldClass Web Analytics Approach: Concluding Remark

The web analytics approach of Worldclass is a fundamental service built upon a foundation of quality and adherence to strict deadlines. If you wish to learn more about our Web Analytics approach and our many other services at affordable rates, don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 866.347.3321. Alternatively, you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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