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Web Analytics FAQ

“A man’s errors are his portals of discovery”

James Joyce


One of the most important things WorldClass can do, as an online media agency, is monitor the results of our marketing endeavors. Why? Because the best way to learn – and learn fast – is from our successes and mistakes. Every business, large and small, requires a customized and unique approach to their social media marketing strategies. For this reason, we employ web analytics to keep our finger on the pulse of your website’s performance in terms of the number of viewers it receives on a weekly and monthly basis. Using this pertinent information, our online media agency can assess the effectiveness of our strategies as applied to your business size, sector and industry and make the necessary adjustments or improvements to optimize your online visibility and profitability!

Web Analytics FAQ #1: What Exactly is Web Analytics?

 Web analytics is a basic tool that helps our online media agency to compute, accumulate and evaluate data pertaining to the number and kinds of visitors your website receives. In other words, it enables WorldClass to analyze your visitors’ profile. This helps in building strategies for converting visitors into paying customers and also to bring more targeted traffic to the site. The results yielded by Web Analytics also enable us to determine whether the social media strategies our online media agency has put into effect are achieving optimal results. If not, we can alter these to improve upon your web traffic.

Web Analytics FAQ #2: Why is it Essential to Subscribe to the Web Analytics Service?

People are often puzzled by the performance of their websites and how this can be gauged. However, as an online media agency WorldClass understands that it is imperative to learn about the number, kinds and patterns of visitors your site receives. Furthermore, the greater the number of unique visitors, the better your website’s performance. To answer all of these pertinent questions, you absolutely need to employ WorldClass web analytics services.

Web analytics is an essential tool in online marketing. A good knowledge of web analytics marks the difference between a good and an expert online media agency. The one with the expert knowledge will be able to deliver the right set of reports in order to analyze the profile of the visitors visiting your profile. We here at WorldClass ensure that you get the best possible services when it comes to the web analytics. We have a truly world class support base in web analytics which has brought in laurels from various circles of business.

Web Analytics FAQ #3: Which is the Better Web Analytics Service Available for Your Website?

There are an abundance of web analytics services and programs to be found on the market. You can make use of Google web analytics, or some other reputed analytics services. Our online media agency offers ground-breaking services in web analytics, which is duly recognized by the industry. As such – and to keep things as simple as possible for you, the business owner – our online media agency will go over and above the expected to provide you with regular detailed reports on your website’s performance and the effectiveness of the social media strategies we have put in place.

Web Analytics FAQ #4: Can You Customize the Reports Your Online Media Agency Sends my Business?

Yes, of course! We understand that web analytics provides an incredible amount of information – perhaps too much for you to absorb or have time to consider. Our online media agency can implement special filters that only allow the pertinent information you consider interesting to come through in your reports. In other words, your web analytics reports can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Web Analytics FAQ # 5: Why Choose WorldClass as Your Online Media Agency?

WorldClass’ experience in the industry speaks volumes about our quality of service. Our list of satisfied customers is the hallmark of our service. We provide comprehensive services that are designed to put your business and its brand name at the top of its industry in online searches. Our online media agency offers all of this, while paying acute attention to our customers’ wants and needs… all at highly competitive and affordable rates!

To learn more about web analytics and how it can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business’ website, call our online media agency, WorldClass, at +1 866.347.3321, or email us at for a free consultation!


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