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Web Analytics Rates

The web analytics rates offered by WorldClass afford an indispensible service to any business that wishes to use the Internet as a means for communicating directly with their target market. When it comes to online marketing, there simply is no sure-fire recipe for success, which is why it is so important for your web agency to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your website as well as the marketing strategies and campaigns in effect. With the valuable feedback provided by web analytics, WorldClass can determine how best to move forward in order to optimize your online presence and impact upon your target market! Here is how our WorldClass web agency structures our web analytics rates.

Affordable WorldClass Web Analytics Rates

The various web analytics rates provided by WorldClass web agency are categorized into three pricing components:

• Single set-up fee
• Fee for the generation of reports and collection of analytics data
• Consultation fee

1. Web Analytics Rates – Category 1: Single Setup Fee

At WorldClass web agency, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As such, we have structured our web analytics rates in such a way that you – our client – will only have to pay once. Our web analytics rates include the initial set up fee. This involves configuring our system to collect information about your particular website, which enables us to view statistics, collect data and compile reports. Our WorldClass web analytics rates also include tracking charges; the monitoring of your requirements using web analytics tools and subsequent installation of the system. Although setting up web analytics sounds like an extremely complicated and lengthy process, WorldClass will have it all up and running in just two weeks or less depending on your requirements and the total number of web pages your site contains.

2. Web Analytics Rates – Category 2: Fee for Generation of Reports and Collection of Analytics Data

In monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your website and online marketing endeavors, we provide completely accurate data reports, which reflect numerical indications of every user who has ever browsed your website. With the help of our superior hardware and software technologies, WorldClass web agency guarantees that your data will remain safeguarded under the surveillance of our professional and experienced web analytics specialists. Our web analytics rates include weekly, as well as monthly reports that contain indispensible market information about your business website’s page ranking and web traffic statistics.

Web analytics rates vary according to the number of web pages that a client requires us to track. The higher the number of web pages, the larger the amount of data stored.

3. Web Analytics Rates – Category 3: Consultation Fee

Here at WorldClass web agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a great service that enables our clients to achieve new heights of online success. For this reason, we offer additional reporting and web training, which are designed to help you understand exactly how web analytics works. Our highly trained specialists will explain in-depth how web analytics works, while providing you with helpful information about improving your website’s page ranking and traffic flow. Armed with this understanding, you can go about becoming the master of your own business’ online success!
To learn more about our web analytics rates and training services, please contact us at +1 866.347.3321, or you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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