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Branding Rates

Here at WorldClass social media advertising agency we offer high quality branding solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small home-based practitioner, we have just the solution you are looking for. At WorldClass social media advertising agency, our branding rates are customized according to the nature and scope of the services your business needs. We offer this branding rates structure because we believe that every business is unique and therefore, requires a unique branding solution.

WorldClass Branding Rates: Brand Building through Social Media

If you want your business’ brand name and identity to sing out above its competitors on the World Wide Web, then know this: our WorldClass social media advertising agency has the expertise and experience necessary to provide comprehensive and fully customized brand building solutions. Our branding rates include making your business visible on:

• Social networking sites,
• Blog sites,
• Video sharing sites,
• Photo sharing sites,
• Top professional sites, and many more

The team at WorldClass is composed of a number of social media experts who are dedicated to building your brand using the plethora of social media and networking sites out there in the virtual ether. With social media having become one of the most important mediums for market communication in recent years, it’s imperative that you use this powerful online tool to improve your websites page ranking, increase its traffic and provide greater accessibility throughout the web.

WorldClass Branding Rates: Our Brand-Building Packages

We offer three different branding rates and packages for clients:

Category 1: Brand Builder – 20 keyword localized geotag. Branding rates: $850
Category 2: Advanced Brand – 40 keyword localized geotag focus. Branding rates: $1,700
Category 3: Premium Brand – 80 keyword localized geotag focus. Branding rates: $ 3,400

The key difference between these three branding packages is the number of search phrases you can expect your business website to dominate. So, if you run a dental clinic in Queens, New York, you are going to want all those people that are using Google, Yahoo, MSN (etc.) who look up a “dentist in Queens” to be directed to your website! The truth is, there are many ways you phrase this kind of search and a search engine treats them all very differently:

“Dentists in Queens”
“Queens dentist”
“Dentists Queens”
“Dentist Queens”
“Dentist in New York”
“New York Dentists”
“Queens dental”

And so on and so forth. The greater number and diversity of the search phrases for which your site is optimized, the better because your business will be reaping that much extra attention from web users! Our WorldClass and cost effective branding rates also include:

Professional Press Release Writing & Distribution

Press releases are a great form of advertising and help potential and existing clients to gain a clear idea about your business’ products and services. WorldClass social media advertising agency is experienced in preparing high quality press releases, which we subsequently publish in high page-ranked and popular press-release sites. This service included in our branding rates enhances the visibility of your website to web users.

Branding Rates: Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising comes as an ideal solution for creating greater visibility. Banners can be placed on an array of target websites, where they will be seen by all who browse through their pages. Therefore, these tools are an exceptionally effective way of marketing your business and/or products on the Internet! Here at WorldClass social media advertising agency, we offer highly affordable and competitive branding rates for banner advertising.

Public Relations

Public Relations is often referred to as ‘the best method of branding out there’ because it allows businesses to communicate effectively with the public and allows potential customers access to product, service and company information. The WorldClass social media advertising agency offers high quality public relations campaigns that are guaranteed to bring you the desired results. All of our public relations campaigns are target audience driven and are presented in a most successful and effective manner.

Event Marketing

Hosting company events are a great opportunity for advertising and for engaging your existing and potential customers. However, actually arranging them can be extremely time-consuming and costly! WorldClass social media advertising agency offers a high quality of service in the preparation and hosting of ‘webinars’ and presentations; all at cost-effective branding rates.
To learn more about our branding rates please contact us at +1 866.347.3321, or you can email us at to set up your free consultation!

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