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Social media and branding video broadcasting is all about using the plethora of social media and networking sites to get your brand identity out there and visible to its intended market audience. Whoa! In English please! Ok, so we know that not all business owners understand how each and every cog in their enterprise works. After all, you’re an entrepreneur, not an accountant, marketing agent, public relations manager, etc. That’s what you hire other people to do. But what you should understand about modern day marketing is that since the advent of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, the entire realm of advertising has made a massive shift onto the Internet. Branding video and social media broadcasting is now an incredibly effective way that you – the proud business owner – can make a big impact upon the people who you wish to appeal to: potential customers and/or existing customers.

Branding Video and Social Media Broadcasting: The Benefits

There are about 500 different social media and networking sites, all of which are designed to connect people of every culture, country, age, background, interest and occupation imaginable. Facebook alone has a membership of truly staggering proportions… 500 million at the last count! By using sites like Facebook (and the hundreds of others that are similar in nature) for social media and branding video broadcasting, you literally have an audience of millions and millions of people. Also, it’s free! You don’t have to pay for membership on these sites, nor do you have to cough up cash to broadcast branding videos, blogs, audios, SEO articles and other interesting media on them. Social media and branding video broadcasting is all about creating keen online visibility for your business so that when people need a product or service that you happen to supply, the first name that will pop into their heads is yours!

Branding Video and Social Media Broadcasting: The Marketing Rule of Seven

One of the core philosophies of marketing and advertising is the ‘Rule of Seven’ and it goes a little something like this:

Every time you walk down the street to work, you pass a poster for a concert to be held that weekend. You take scant notice of it the first time. That same poster appears in the subway and you pass it without paying attention the second time either. Your favorite coffee shop also has the same concert advertised and yet again, you barely see it. It’s only after seven times of seeing the same poster in different places that you actually stop and think “what’s this all about? I’ve seen this poster everywhere; it must be saying something important”. It’s at this stage that curiosity wins and you lean in to read what the poster has to say. You may not buy tickets to see that particular concert, but the next time you feel like a night of great music you will actively seek out what’s going on at that concert venue to see what kind of events they have lined up. And that’s the marketing Rule of Seven! If people see your branding video and social media broadcasting efforts seven times, they will remember you! This especially holds true with video content, since moving pictures and color tend to be far more engaging than print media. You will find that the next time someone needs whatever it is you specialize in, they will most likely come knocking at your door.

Branding Video and Social Media Broadcasting: A Final Note

Social media and branding video broadcasting are making a huge impact upon the profitability of online business and without using these incredible tools for communication, you are only putting your company at a disadvantage to its competitors.

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