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wsRadio partners with WorldClassID

The FUTURE of Talk Radio is HERE

Mission Statement:

To partner with individuals, companies, and associations to professionally produce highly targeted internet talk radio shows, creating promotional, advertising and e-commerce opportunities. Expanded growth includes owning a local wsRadio station.

About Us: started broadcasting on August 15, 2001 with 5 shows. The ws of wsRadio stands for World Syndicated Radio. We have grown to over 120 shows adding additional shows each month. We are proud to claim the title as the largest independent Internet talk radio station in the world. It is important to note that we produce all of the shows on wsRadio using professional broadcast equipment in a turnkey process.

We are proud to partner and produce shows for The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Washington Times, SBA Radio working with the Small Business Administration, in 2008 for both major Candidates (John McCain Radio and Barrack Obama Radio), Twitter Talk Radio, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Constant Contact along with many other high profile organizations and individuals on 30 different networks and channels under the wsRadio umbrella.

Social Media Marketing Partnership: is pleased to announce a new Strategic Partnership with WorldClassID and has created a Special Promotional Launch Offering for wsRadio Clients. As an introductory offer available only through wsRadio, please CLICK HERE to go to the wsRadio Promotional Pricing Plan Page.

WorldClassID is the most powerful thing in social network marketing today. The message is simple for business professionals looking for a meaningful impact to New Lead Development.

1. You need to have a social media marketing strategy which supports your search engine marketing.
2. That strategy MUST allow you to WRITE CONTENT ONCE and then have it PUBLISHED GLOBALLY to hundreds of social network websites.

Any social media strategy MUST do one of three things;

1. Save you Time
2. Save you Money
3. Make you Money

WorldClassID does all 3 for you!!!

This is a unique Social Media Optimization (SMO) Marketing subscription service (think of this like PRNewswire on steroids) providing the most technologically advanced automated social media content distribution service on the market. This revolutionary SMO service has forever changed the way internet marketing and search engine optimization will be done from here forward.

wsRadio Clients, please CLICK HERE to go to the wsRadio Promotional Pricing Plan Page to learn more about the benefits of having your own WorldClassID Social Media Marketing Campaign.

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We are also creating Local wsRadio Stations across the country. Our current local stations are listed at

Our goal is to sell at least 50 local stations in the next 2 years. No previous radio experience is required to own a local station. wsRadio handles the backend production.

In addition we also produce private corporate broadcasts with pin access code for KPMG, The United States Postal Service, IBM, The Doc Love Club, and Franchoice. To learn more about owning a local station through a city license, log onto:

  • We have produced an entire networks for Entrepreneur Magazine, eBay and HayHouse Publications.
  • wsRadio assists our hosts in setting up their own remote studios worldwide. Locations include Australia, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and England. These remote studios utilize ISDN state of the art technology to connect to our main San Diego studio.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “the Sun never sets on”

Some of our high profile shows are also syndicated on traditional radio or what we now call “old fashion radio” via Satellite as well.

Ever consider being a talk show host?

Learn 10 good reasons why it pays to be a wsRadio talk show host!
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wsRadio listeners can listen via their computer, laptop, iTunes podcasts or on their cell phones via our iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps at

The ability to listen “on demand” is another major benefit of Internet radio. In fact, over 97% of wsRadio listeners take advantage of this capability. Shows are archived by date or in unique, topical segments, allowing listeners to select specific segments of interest. An added benefit of this feature is the capability to determine, with statistical accuracy, our audience’s preferences in terms of topics. This data provides critical information to adjust future programming to better serve the interests of our audience.

wsRadio has direct access to over 30,000 servers worldwide to serve a virtually unlimited number of listeners, in terms of bandwidth, for both live and archive/on-demand listening. Our shows are promoted using a variety of Internet strategies, including automatic submissions to search engines, targeted e-mail campaigns, text message marketing, sophisticated link exchange with popular web sites and social media sites. Our 22,000 audio archived files have with more than 80,000 websites linking to either wsRadio or the audio files directly, generate over three million listeners per month. Our state of the art web site is database driven with a sophisticated search engine, rotating live show promotions along with constantly updating RSS (Really Simple Syndication)Feeds for all shows.

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Why we are the Best –

wsRadio is growing rapidly and has added many new shows in the recent months. We look forward to serving the needs of our listeners for many years to come. Thank you all for listening, and please stay tuned for more quality talk radio programming.

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