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Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime

Do you have a dream that has become the backdrop of you imagination? A place that is calling to you? When you close your eyes and envision yourself “anywhere else but here,” where is that anywhere else? Can you hear the people; what language are they speaking? Can you smell the air; what is that savory sensation? Can you feel the sun, the wind, the rain; how does it caress your skin? Can you see your dream of travel; can you see it come true? Can you see yourself in that dream; how has it changed you; how has it nourished you; how has it enlightened you; how has it become part of your soul? Journey of a Lifetime is about answering those questions and allowing the audience to really see how travel can impact lives.

WE WANT YOUR STORY…We’re looking for young adults who can tell us about their desired Journey of a Lifetime, a story that tugs at the heart. This is a unique travel sweepstakes where YOU COULD WIN A DREAM VACATION!

If money were no object, and you were given a week long, all-expense paid journey…where would your story take you? When you close your eyes and dream about a place…where are you?

In this hour-long Internet reality series, our three Co-Hosts are GIVING AWAY WORRY FREE VACATIONS to young adults with trips abroad that will enrich their lives culturally and emotionally.

Our show is about impacting lives…one journey at a time. We’re going to be shooting a pilot episode in February. We’re looking for contestants who want to win their own Journey of a Lifetime. It is a reality TV travel entertainment show, more about the people who are taking their journey of a lifetime and the relationship aspect, but set against whatever geographic backdrop we’re thrown into. If you get a chance, we’ve got some videos here to give you some ideas about the show and we’d love to get your rap on our videos.

Go to Journey of a Lifetime and submit Your Story!

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