Argentine Shortfin Squid

Sustainably sourced in the icy waters of South Atlantic Ocean, WorldClass Squid is proudly caught through jig fishing techniques. With pure and tender white flesh, this squid is ideal for any application of cooking.


With the help of WorldClass and former El Bulli chef, Dante Liporace, we have sourced the highest quality squid from the deep waters of Argentina. Delicate and tender, the Argentine Shortfin or Illex Squid has a delicious taste and outstanding texture ideal for frying, grilling, stuffing, or stewing.

Products Details

• Pure, tender white flesh
& sweet natural flavor
• Squid is frozen on board off the coast of Argentina for peak freshness and flavor.
• Wild-caught using hook & line (jig fishing) which is more sustainable than trawling nets
• Fully cleaned tubes & rings are available

Sourced by the Best

Argentina has long been known as a country where seafood lovers go wild over their favorite delicacies. The Argentine shortfin squid is no exception. This species of squid is found throughout the South Atlantic Ocean from Uruguay to Brazil.

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