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San Diego Certified Financial Planner

San Diego Certified Financial Planner: “This is what Fee Only Registered Investment Advisory Services is all about: being an exception in the financial planning business in that we are solely compensated by the fees paid by our clients and do not receive commissions or compensation from any other source. Thus we do not sell any insurance, annuities or other investment products. Since we are independent from all financial services companies and proprietary products, we are able to offer many more investment opportunities to you- none of which are commission driven.”

San Diego, CA – It is with great excitement that HoyleCohen Advisory Services (, a Premier Wealth and Registered Investment Advisory services firm presents Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, a San Diego Certified Financial Planner – Advising Women of Wealth in Transition at, a new social networking approach to dealing with common financial challenges of women dealing with the financial disruption associated with many of life’s transitions.

EISABETH CULLINGTON, CFP, is a San Diego Certified Financial Planner (CFP) providing financial services and asset management in San Diego. The scope of the financial planning services include being a fee-only registered investment advisor and financial advisor providing wealth management and investment advice to high net worth women in transition throughout San Diego. In the world of financial advisors providing financial advice, Elisabeth Cullington stands out among investment advisors for providing independent financial advisory services. Some financial advisers also act as financial consultants or wealth advisors, and what Elisabeth Cullington focuses on is being among the few independent financial advisers in San Diego for independent advisors who are committed to being fee only independent financial advisors.

Elisabeth Cullington joined the HoyleCohen team in March 2008. She has been in the financial services industry over twenty years and has worked with industry leaders to develop best practices in the financial planning field. Her clients include executives, professionals, business owners and retirees, with a special focus on women with wealth and women in transition. Elisabeth established her first business, Cullington Investment Services, as a fee-only firm and registered investment advisor in January 1999. In 2005, she opened Cullington Hill Advisors. Prior to establishing her own businesses, Elisabeth worked for CIGNA Financial Services and subsequently Linsco Private Ledger.

For the past ten years, Elisabeth, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), has also worked with couples through the Collaborative Divorce process. Some of the services provided by Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA include, but are not limited to:

San Diego Certified Financial Planner

As a seasoned and experienced San Diego certified financial planner, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, is known for maintaining her clients trust while helping them meet their financial goals.

San Diego Financial Planner

As a seasoned and experienced San Diego financial planner, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, is known for maintaining her clients trust while helping them meet their financial goals.

San Diego Financial Advisor

Financial planning is a field that has been around for many years, but the actual process is still a mystery to many. The average financial advisor charges fees for their services, which traditionally mean that the client will expose their assets, liabilities, wherewithal, goals, and aspirations to the planner. The advisor then takes that information and crafts it into a working plan. Unfortunately, most planners fail to follow up after the initial plan design is put into play. This inevitably leads to long-term plan failure.

As a San Diego financial planner, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, has crafted a somewhat different approach in that she takes on a partnership with the client. The partnership involves doing many of the same things that the average planner does, but because they develop a long-term plan, the extraordinary fees can often times be circumvented. The way this is done is to bring the clients entire picture to the surface, including all of the hidden assets.

San Diego Financial Planning

As a San Diego financial advisor, Elisabeth Cullington, CFP, CDFA, is focused on providing personalized financial planning to her clients through her professional advice and management services.

Financial Advisor

Her mission is to promote the long term financial well being of her clients. It is her intention to pool her talents, resources and years of experience with other San Diego Financial Advisors in the HoyleCohen firm in order to provide the most comprehensive and objective analysis possible. She will strive to work hand in hand with your existing advisors to build a synergistic effect that will empower you to achieve greater levels of financial freedom by having all of your trusted advisors see your goals and objectives from the same viewpoint, thereby maximizing your potential for financial security and success.

A hidden asset is one that is easy to quantify, but difficult to use in the financial plan. For most people, this means taking their home equity and making it an essential part of the plan. By making your home equity the foundation, instead of the unusable asset, leverage becomes the dominant feature of the plan. And when you can maximize with leverage, the client positions many thousands of dollars they never thought possible into their future. The planner gets a much bigger slice of pie to work with, and essentially can offset any fees that they needed to charge, as before. The end result should always be client focused, not asset driven.

Professional associations include membership in the Financial Planning Association since 1988 and a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group in San Diego.

About Elisabeth Cullington, Certified Financial Planner and Author

Elisabeth Cullington, Certified Financial Planner, Author and financial advisor provides independent financial advice and financial services including wealth management for women of wealth in transition as a fee-only registered investment advisor. Ms. Cullington is a transition financial planning specialist with credentials and experience which can be seen at You can also see Ms. Cullington’s blog at and her Independent Registered Investment Advisor website for Women of Wealth in Transition at

For more information about becoming a CULLINGTON CLIENT or to schedule an interview with Ms. Cullington, please contact Elisabeth Cullington, CFP by email at or by phone at 858.576.7300.

San Diego Certified Financial Planner

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