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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of World Class – Your Information Are Secured with Us

To ensure secrecy of our customers’ information we have prepared a comprehensive privacy policy plan that not only gives information about the practices we follow but also the privacy policy of World Class in details.

The safety and security of clients’ personal as well as business related information is our concern. The privacy policy of World Class focuses on keeping confidential all the information delivered to us by the customers and rules out any chance of being leaked. To ensure it, we have prepared a draft covering all the information regarding our terms and conditions that come first in any kind of business dealing. The privacy policy of World Class is published on its official site so as to make it accessible to our customers.

Information we require

Whenever you place an order for our products or want to register with our site for any type of business dealings, we ask for certain information. The information is basic in nature and includes nothing more than email address, phone number, name, residential address etc. However, additional information about debit card or credit card is required only when you are going for any monetary transaction. The privacy policy of World Class also asks for earlier project details that you have assigned us.

Use of Client Information

The privacy policy of World Class has strict rules for using customer information. The information gathered from you is only utilized in case of delivering an already placed product order. This information is stored in our fully secured database and any third party or person can not get access to this confidential piece of information without your prior permission. Any information is collected with a sole purpose to serve the client with better results.

How do we ensure security to customer information?

The privacy policy of World Class does not leave any clause that might risk the customer information. We know that our data bank might get corrupt any time. Hence, we adapt advanced electronic as well as software technology to prevent corruption and curb infiltration or leakage of customer information. Again, we don’t provide unauthorized access to the stored data preventing all our employees to access them. Besides all these, we install quality firewalls to check electronic manipulation or theft of confidential data.

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