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(San Diego, CA, April 2, 2010) – WorldClass Brand Management (, the company behind the WorldClassID Social Media Marketing Service, is pleased to be spotlighted in the most recent Marketing Report done by Randy Alvarez of The Wellness Hour.  Randy took this opportunity to help explain social media marketing to his audience via this Video Interview which was the first video interview of the founder and inventor of the WorldClassID solution.  The Wellness Hour is using the Marketing Report to introduce to their clients this truly industry changing social software service in the SocialSphere™.  At a time when managing your personal brand or your corporate brand has become increasingly important, the logistical nightmare of managing multiple username and passwords for numerous social networking sites has been solved.

Investing in a Social Networking Strategy

Managing your online identity in the social media until now has been overwhelming and challenging, not only because there are already hundreds of social communities, but also because multiple social networks are launched on virtually a weekly basis.  We all suffer from networking social overload, the information overload of being involved in a social network, not just one network social, but numerous social networking sites.  How many online id, social identities or social user accounts do you have?  Are we being consumed with social definition and is brand management being redefined in our newly social society?  Until now you were limited to the manual, tedious and boring task of physically managing multiple social networking accounts which is very expensive from both a time and money perspective.  In order to evaluate how best to invest in your own social network marketing strategy, you have to determine whether that social marketing plan can 1) save you time, 2) save you money, or 3) make you money. If your social marketing plan doesn’t hit at least one of those three elements, then you’re just wasting resources and you should invest elsewhere.

Social Networking Issues

The social web, what WorldClass has coined as the SocialSphere™, is chock full of social website issues for social issue management, the most personal of which is reputation management.  Personal brand management in the SocialSphere™ is all about protecting your personal reputation.  Similar issues apply to corporate brand management and also extend to product brand management or service brand management.  Social networks can be a powerful tool in protecting, defending and promoting your personal brand or business brand, but as with any technology the tools are not good or bad, rather it’s how you use them that determine the desired outcome.

Lack of having a social network strategy can be worse than the proverbial ostrich sticking the head in the ground, and doing nothing is a recipe for potential social networking disaster.  Do you know whether someone Googled you today?  If so, do you know how many times your name was Googled?  Do you know what shows up when someone Googles your name?  Do you know how to change the results if something negative shows up on your Google name search?

When you are doing social analysis of what your social identity looks like to the outside world the use of social networking software inside the social network is a total necessity.  You have already learned, or will come to learn, the logistic challenge of trying to manually protect and defend your personal brand or business brand in the social networking arena.  Just managing the top 5 social networking sites is a daunting task, requiring the investment of time and money which you can easily estimate is thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.  So how do you keep up with all this social networking without losing your sanity?

Social Networking Strategy

In case you are still trying to figure out whether having a personal brand management plan is important or not, read the following article, “10 Reasons You Have To Manage Your Personal Brand” []

If your believe your social marketing branding and online reputation, online identity and brand development require involvement in social networking websites, the question then becomes where do you focus your limited time and limited money?  If one site like Facebook makes sense, should you also participate in MySpace or Bebo?  If one social network is good, are ten social websites better and is participation in one hundred or more social networking sites the best?  If participating in every possible social network is the best, how do I physically do that?

The logic of just the time required to create and manage just one social network would make you believe that you don’t want to join every social network because the only way you think it’s possible to do that isn’t scalable.  You just don’t have enough hours in a day to manage more than just a few accounts.  You could hire someone on a full time basis, but even that strategy has limitations that make in unscalable.

List of Social Networking Websites

So if you have limited time and limited money to invest in a social networking strategy, where do you go?  We have compiled an ever growing list of social websites, so please go to the following links to see the entire list with URL links:

The challenge is the idea that you can limit your social marketing strategy in any way.  Even if you decide to limit your strategy to just the Top 10 websites in each of the 9 categories listed above (remember, there are over 350+ in total) that means you’re looking at 90 social memberships!  If you believe that having a strategic social networking plan is a valuable investment, then you should also understand that having a presence in ALL the social websites is important.  Why? Because there are potential customers, potential eyeballs who are in social networks other than the Top 10 who you’re not going to reach if you don’t show up in the other social networks.

Social Networking Software Service (SnsS) – an obvious solution

The old adage of work smarter not harder seems obvious.  The only way to work smarter and have a reasonable solution to managing hundreds of social networks is through an automated software solution.  That is the essence of what WorldClassID is and does.  It is a technology solution which takes the manual and highly complicated process out of the equation and creates a repeatable, scalable solution for dealing with hundreds of social networking sites.

About The Wellness Hour and Randy Alvarez

The Wellness Hour is America’s cable television leader in health news and information. The show airs more than 5000 half hours a month nationwide and Canada, airing in over 47 Million homes. The goal of the program is to provide the much needed medical and wellness information the public is seeking in order to make informed decisions regarding health and well being. For the past ten years the Wellness Hour has been an innovator in digital media, with a history of delivering essential and cutting edge medical information, making the show a trusted resource in both the U.S. and Canada. For more information about how to become a guest on the program, please call The Wellness Hour studios to schedule a telephone meeting with show host Randy Alvarez.  The Wellness Hour Studios – 760-434-5559 / Randy Alvarez Direct Line – 760-535-0905.

About WorldClass Brand Management and WorldClassID

Brand HyperDistribution: a social network distribution channel. WorldClassID utilizes a variety of peer-to-peer technologies which are even more efficient at reaching a target social network audience than any single method of channel distribution such as print, email, video, social networking, direct mail, network and online broadcasting.

WorldClassID provides a unique methodology to most widely distribute your brand message.  Whether you want more clients, are looking to sell more product or want to reinvent yourself…the WorldClassID Social Networking Software Service is the solution.  WorldClassID is a proven alternative to traditional marketing solutions and the only personal branding solution on the market today that can validate the distribution of content through HyperDistribution.

For more information about becoming a WORLDCLASSID CUSTOMER visit or to schedule an interview with Mr. Kendell Lang, please contact by email at or by phone at 760.445.3315.

“Are you overwhelmed by Social Networking?  Are you confused by hundreds of social networking sites? Are you hiring a social network coordinator to manage your MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts? WorldClassID Service is the answer.  This revolutionary new social networking software service gives you the answer to managing your personal brand in the SocialSphere without being totally frustrated.  WorldClassID is what can help you harness the power of the SocialSphere without driving you crazy. WorldClassID ( is all about providing answers to the question, “do you have a consolidated social content management and social network channel publication system that allows you to WRITE ONCE and then PUBLISH GLOBALLY?” WorldClassID is “Simplifying the SocialSphere™” and making sense out of a chaotic jumble of hundreds of social networking sites.”


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