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WorldClassID Brand Management in the SocialSphere

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WorldClassIDTM Social Media Subscription Service


1. You write your CONTENT ONCE (you send us your articles, press releases, news stories, blog articles, video(s), photo(s), etc.)
2. We PUBLISH your content GLOBALLY an average of 4 times a month to hundreds of social networking sites.
3. Your social media content is indexed by search engines, increasing your presence, improving your search engine ranking and generating new leads.

You would spend thousands of dollars per month doing this yourself or hiring a social media coordinator. Our value-added social media subscription pricing is simple, so;

WorldClassID is a Monthly Subscription Service providing the following:

  1. We will send you a WorldClassID Customer Assessment.
  2. We will collect all required information to produce a Free Keyword Assessment.
  3. We will collect all required information to produce a Website Assessment.
  4. We will collect all Content related to your Brand.
  5. We will create, collect and manage all of your online profiles in one location.
  6. We will receive weekly Content from you in the form of Press Releases, Subject Matter Articles or Blog Content Articles and we will publish that across the SocialSphere.

Defending your reputation is a must in a connected world.  We defend your reputation and proactively manage your online reputation.

Brand Builder WorldClassID 850

If you are seeing this page, it is because we have completed our Early Launch Mode promotion and are now offering our standard sign up for the WorldClassID Service.

WorldClassID 850 Lock In Price Offer ($850.00 for each month)

Advanced Brand  WorldClassID 1700
WorldClassID 1700 Lock In Price Offer ($1,700.00 for each month)

Premium Brand  WorldClassID 3400
WorldClassID 3400 Offer ($3,400.00 for each month)

Contact Information:

Lead Brand Manager
WorldClass Brand Management
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014
(+01) 760.445.3315

Here’s Why to Subscribe:

1. Write ONCE

2. Publish GLOBALLY

3. Generate NEW LEADS!

E-Mail :