Dante Liporace

Being a native of Argentina, renowned chef Dante Liporace grew up working in local restaurants in Buenos Aires. After getting experience under his belt, he immediately relocated to Europe to further explore the culinary arts. His time in Europe was well spent through various internships, job opportunities, and working with Pedro Subijana. Following this endeavor, Dante made his way to Spain to work in El Bulli with founder Ferran Adrià. When returning to Argentina after El Bulli, Dante became the head Chef for Argentinian President Mauricio Macri during his tenure. Chef Dante now spends his time running his renowned bars and Argentine restaurants including his most famous, El Mercado de Liniers.

Chef Dante's Buenos Aires restaurant, Mercado de Liniers, has put the city’s cutting-edge food scene on the map. The combination of Liporace's avant-garde techniques and his dedication to ingredients such as Argentine beef creates authentic flavors showcased in every dish.

Chef Dante Liporace is redefining the meaning of Argentinian cuisine and gaining worldwide notoriety. At WorldClass Liporace helps us source and test many of our ingredients from South America to ensure we find the best the world has to offer.