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At WorldClass, we are passionate about discovering and sharing the hidden treasures of the world. We are relentlessly searching for rare, unique, intriguing, finest quality ingredients to share with our professional culinary partners. We offer premium meats, specialty seafood, and more.

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WorldClass currently serves professional chefs, private chefs, personal chefs, restaurant owners, caterers, and food retailers in Arizona and Texas. New customers interested in WorldClass foodservice products can submit their contact information below, and a member of our teams will contact you. If you require faster service, call us at 480.900.8900.

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Areas we currently serve the following markets with specialty restaurant supply services to the following areas:

• Scottsdale Restaurants & Markets
• Phoenix Restaurants & Markets
• Tempe Restaurants
• Gilbert Restaurants
• Chandler Restaurants
• Mesa Restaurants
• Houston Restaurants & Markets
• Austin Restaurants & Markets

We ship our specialty food products, including honey, olive oil, and black garlic, to all 50 states.