Fermín Ibérico

Approximately a four-hour drive from Madrid lies La Alberca, a small Castilla y León village in the province of Salamanca, Spain. This postcard-perfect hamlet still retains its medieval aura with cobbled streets and stone houses. The first rural village in Spain to be given NationalHistoric Heritage status, it is situated in the beautiful mountains of theSierras de Bejar y Francia, which is a UNESCO-listed Biosphere reserve. But, for pork lovers, it holds another treasure - Embutidos Fermín, producer of the world-renowned Ibérico pork.

Embutidos Fermín was founded in 1956 by Fermín Martín and his wife, Victoriana Gómez, and Martín’s children continue their legacy of producing the highest quality Ibérico pork in the world. Considered the “Wagyu of pork,”Ibérico pork is prized for its abundant fat marbling and rich flavor. The source of this exceptional flavor lies in the pigs' diet and environment. Fermín raises purebred Iberian pigs, the famous pigs indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula. On the sprawling dehesa, an ancient Spanish ecosystem of grasslands and open oak woodlands, they roam freely, foraging on grasses, roots, and acorns. This pristine habitat remains untouched by modern fertilizers or pesticides that could alter the pork's pure flavors. 

Fermín also has its own farm, Finca Los Helechales, comprised of over 200 acres of holm oaks and the first 100% genetically selected Ibérico pig farm in the region. In keeping with sustainable and ethical practices, Fermín pigs are raised without antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones and every step of processing is carefully controlled at facilities in La Alberca and Tamames. Artisanal methods such as salt curing and dryer rooms open to the fresh mountain air of Sierra de Francia are employed for products such as sausages and Fermín’s famous Ibérico hams.

In 2005, Fermín achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first company to be given an export license to bring Ibérico products to the US market. In 2016, Fermín further solidified its reputation as a pioneer by obtaining its Certification of Organic Industry, making it the first company to export organic Ibérico pork to the US. It's a testament to their exacting standards and stewardship of an ancient Spanish tradition.

WorldClass provides its discerning clients with a wide variety of fresh Fermín pork cuts, including those that are traditional in Spain. From the shoulder comes juicy presa and secreto, while the collar provides mogote and cabecero. There are costilla (spareribs), panceta (pork belly), and lomo (loin) which also yields prized pluma, or feather, cuts. Carileras, or pork cheeks, are ideal for slow braising, while chops and steaks like chuleton are sought-after for grilling and pan-searing. Rounding out this incredible selection are creamy slabs of tocino backfat, cochinillo or whole suckling pig, and fresh chorizo seasoned with sea salt, garlic, smoked paprika and oregano.

Food cognoscenti worldwide seek out Fermín Ibérico for its superlative flavor and artisanal heritage. From farm totable, Fermín remains steadfastly committed to the legacy of Ibérico pork and its incomparable quality. These time-honored techniques and sustainable approach bring to life the very best of an extraordinary Spanish tradition to create a true world-class experience.

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