Gauchos Do Sul

Gauchos Do Sul is a Brazilian steakhouse that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Brazil. They provide an exceptional Brazilian steakhouse experience that is true to the traditional recipes, offers familiar flavors, and uses high-quality meats.


With a foundation in tradition, Gauchos Do Sul refers to the gaucho cowboys of southern Brazil, who are known for grilling meat on an open flame. The meats served at Gauchos are cooked over an open fire, a method dating back to the 15th century when Gauchos needed to cook for themselves while working in pastures far from home. This tradition is still vastly popular with many families living in southern Brazil.


Best friends and business partners Daison Cima and Ledersan Erdmann created the concept and opened their first location in September 2016. The two deeply loved their country and culture and wanted to make sure it was known at Gauchos. After opening their first location in Tomball, Texas, success was pouring in. Their passion was seen by every guest who entered the restaurant, which made sure guests kept coming to enjoy their delicious food and excellent service. Today, Gauchos has 3 locations in Texas, and each one has become a hub for the local community and greets friendly regulars daily.

Dining Options

Gauchos is proud to offer an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse experience with a gourmet salad bar, hot side dishes, and prime cuts of meat served tableside with exceptional service. They provide specific cuts of meat that can't be found at any other Brazilian Steakhouse in Texas, like Grass-Fed Argentine Beef. Fifteen different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb meats are served on skewers that servers carry from table to table. Beef cuts range from Argentine Grass-Fed New York Strip to Fraldinha, Ribeye, and Filet Mignon.

Whether you're a meat eater or not, Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse prioritizes quality with each and every ingredient they put on your table. They offer a wide range of seafood and even vegetarian options like their Chilean Seabass or Grilled Mozzarella. Argentine Shortfin Squid is a new addition to the menu, which is sautéed in lemon butter and served with banana and peppadew peppers. Vegetarians can indulge in grilled tropical pineapple seasoned with just a touch of cinnamon sugar.

If you or anyone you know suffers from gluten intolerance, Gauchos is the place for you. With over 98% of their menu being gluten-free, you will surely experience Brazilian flavors like you never have before. They also have gourmet salad bar offers, including over 40 fresh salad ingredients to ensure something for everyone.

Local Ingredients

Gauchos is proud to support its community by buying fresh local produce for the restaurant. In addition to local produce, Gauchos also has local Texas spirits within their cocktail menu.

Group Dining

In addition to their extensive meat selection and authentic dining traditions, Gauchos is a haven for any special occasion. They have six private rooms that remain open through the holiday season. Each room is privately set up and can be modified to fit your parties needs.

If you are searching for a fantastic Texas restaurant to enjoy Brazilian food, delectable desserts, an eclectic drink menu, and friendly service, Gauchos Do Sul is the place to dine.

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