Ling's Wok Shop

Ling's Wok Shop is the newest restaurant concept from Eleno John Banquil Jr. and Miriam Malak, the creative minds behind Ling & Louie's Asian Bar and Grill. This new Asian-fusion counter-service restaurant offers a dynamic dining concept-- quick yet quality service, bold and exciting flavors, and an inviting environment. Their unique approach to Asian cuisine caters to various tastes and preferences, from meat eaters to vegetarians, with a gluten-free menu and even vegan options.

Getting Started

Ling's Wok Shop was born in 2021 by Ling and Louie's Asian Bar and Grill owners. Ling's Wok Shop was designed to be different yet offer familiar favorites. As one of the best Scottsdale Asian restaurants, it combines East and West flavors in a fast-casual concept. With options ranging from Ling's Seafood Hot Pot to Orange Chicken to Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Wok-Fired inspirations, and much more, there are sure to be delicious Asian menu options for everyone.

Wok Inspired Cooking

From the moment you walk in, you will feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. They include a fast-casual counter service for lunch, along with a full-service model for happy hour and dinner. This transformative, fluid model allows them to serve their guests how they want to, while their wok-centered kitchen ensures each dish is fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Familiar Flavors

Ling's Wok Shop combines tradition with innovation with the best flavors from the east and the west. They specialize in wok cooking and have been working on perfecting the technique for years. Ling's Wok Shop has now honed a method of wok cooking that is both healthy and flavorful. Their technique keeps the freshness and color of vegetables, bringing out their brightest colors and best taste. Additionally, Ling's uses very little oil for a quick sear of proteins like grass-fed beef or jumbo shrimp, bringing out the best full-bodied flavors while keeping their dishes more healthy.

Noteworthy Dishes

At Ling's, you can find a menu with selections; they offer a wide-varied menu to fit anyone's preferences or needs. Their Spicy Pork Lettuce wraps with Szechwan marinade are an excellent option for those that prefer a little kick but want a lighter fare. They offer a unique green curry seafood dish or rice soup for those looking to cozy up. Their entrees range from egg noodle dishes to Pad Thai and popcorn chicken. All wok-fired entrees can be paired with the protein of your choice, like WorldClass grass-fed beef from Argentina, specialty shrimp, or roasted veggies.

Dining Options

In this fast-casual restaurant, there are many flavorful dishes to enjoy. Ling's focuses on using premium ingredients to make great food. Their chefs have worked tirelessly to serve popular menu items in a non-traditional way with quality ingredients to elevate the dining experience for all.

"All I want is for everyone's expectations to be exceeded."
-John Banquil, Owner of Ling and Louie's/Ling's Wok Shop

Culture Change

Owners John and Miriam strive to make the culture of Ling's Wok Shop different. They want to exceed your expectations no matter who you are within the four walls. They know that there are a lot of restaurants out there with fantastic food, but what sets them apart is their mission to make sure everyone who comes in feels welcome, appreciated, and valued. They work hard to create an environment where everyone feels like family- because that's what people deserve.

If you're looking for a fantastic Arizona restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food or great handcrafted cocktails with friends or family, look no further than Ling's Wok Shop.

Ling's Wok Shop is located in Haydens Peak Crossing at 20511 N Hayden Rd Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Ling and Louie's is located at 9397 E Shea Blvd Suite 125, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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