Feather Loin (Pluma)

The pluma is attached to the back of the loin. It is smaller but has similar qualities. Its name comes from its flat triangular shape, similar to a feather. Each pig has only two small plumas, so it is one of the most desirable cuts.


Our exquisite Iberico pork is directly sourced straight from La Alberca, a small village in the province of Salamanca, Spain, situated in the pristine Dehesa ecosystem bordering Portugal. Our pigs are Iberian, reared in green pastures and oak groves with pure soils free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. No antibiotics or growth promoting hormones are used and the Iberian pigs are free to roam the open space at all times.

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Serving Suggestions

  • Oven roasted, pan seared or grilled (recommended)
  • Light sauces high in acid or lightly sweet pairs well with most Iberico pork cuts

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