Pork Belly (Panceta)

Panceta Iberica is especially well marbled with strips of creamy white fat. Panceta should not be confused with Pancetta. While they are both pork belly products, Panceta is fresh, uncured pork belly with no added ingredients.


Our exquisite Iberico pork is directly sourced straight from La Alberca, a small village in the province of Salamanca, Spain, situated in the pristine Dehesa ecosystem bordering Portugal. Our pigs are Iberian, reared in green pastures and oak groves with pure soils free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. No antibiotics or growth promoting hormones are used and the Iberian pigs are free to roam the open space at all times.

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Serving Suggestions

  • We recommend cooking this uncured pork belly similarly to regular pork belly, ideally oven-roasted or braised.
  • You can also cure or smoke Panceta Iberica to make your own luxurious version of pancetta or bacon.

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