Pulpo a la Plancha with Aji Ahumando Sauce



•     1 Octopus

•     25 ml Aioli Sauce

•     15 ml Aji Ahumado

•     2 Yellow Potatoes, Boiled & Simmered In Salt Water

For Olive Salsa

•     10 g Black Olives

•     Red Onion; Minced

•     Fresh Parsley Leaves

•     5 ml Olive Oil

•     Lemon Juice

Aji Ahumando Sauce

•     50 g Aji Panca

•     100 g Roasted Red Pepper

•     Cumin

•     Black Pepper

•     100 ml Red Wine Vinegar

•     200 ml Oil

Preparation Instructions


For Octopus

  1. Sear octopus on high heat over the grill or saute pan

For Olive Salsa

  1. In a small bowl combine, red onion, olives, parsley, salt, olive oil and lemon juice

For Aji Ahumando Sauce

  1. Make an emulsion with all sauce ingredients

For Plating

  1. Mix plate starting with a smear of aioli. Set octopus and seared potatoes.
  2. Make point on plate with ahi ahumado sauce
  3. Finish with olive salsa, a drizzle of olive oil.

About Your Chef

Fernando Navas


Born in the port city of Punta Alta just south of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Fernando Navas grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Argentine countryside. Before founding Balvanera restaurant in Manhattan, Fernando worked in the many of the greatest kitchens in the world including Nobu in Miami, El Bulli in Spain, and SUSHISAMBA in New York. With Balvanera, Chef Fernando pays homage to his roots: Buenos Aires, porteño cuisine, and the many flavors of Argentina.

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