Devin Dvorak

Co-Founder & COO

Similar to John, I went against the grain from an early age. For my seventh birthday, my parents gave me the choice of going to Disney Land or Playa del Carmen. I wanted to experience something new and unique, so I decided on Playa del Carmen. After connecting to the culture so deeply and seeing my parents drank one too many pina coladas, I tried to convince them to let me stay and live with the resort’s barman, Arturo. My parents weren’t too keen on the idea, so it wasn’t until college that I’d fulfill my dream of living in Latin America.

It was in Argentina that I met my first true love – the Argentinian Asado. A back-to-basics, traditional method of grilling high quality beef, with nothing more than salt for seasoning. Argentine beef has a way of producing an explosion of flavor you can only know once you’ve tried it. I spent years trying to recreate this magic almost every weekend, experimenting with different beef purveyors and cuts in several different countries, restaurants, and establishments. It always failed. The key ingredient was missing – pampas nourished beef free from hormones, chemicals, and any unnatural substances.

Come 2020, shortly after the import ban was lifted at the onset of COVID, the first product line of WorldClass was born- Argentine. Argentine, which successfully featured the one-of-a-kind beef I fell in love with from Argentina. What started as a longing for the best beef this planet has to offer, transformed into a treasure hunt for the best products across the globe.

I want everyone to have access to the best products from across the world with the swipe of a finger. We deserve to know the origin story of our food, who produced it, where it came from, what’s in it, why it’s different, how it was stored and transported, etc. As they say, you are what you eat, and I believe everyone should be World Class.