John Bergman

Co-Founder & CEO

Growing up in Seattle, I discovered my love for food early on. For my sixth birthday, I persuaded my parents to host my birthday party at a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Pike’s Place Market instead of the more popular options such as fast-food or waterparks. Entering my young adulthood, I made it my mission to travel so I could experience the finer things in this world.

During my first trips to Europe, I was astonished at the extraordinary quality of fresh and local ingredients that I had never seen before. I’ve always been a foodie but what I found in those trips that I was missing in the States was beyond remarkable.  When visiting Argentina, I couldn’t believe that the vast majority of Americans were missing out on such noteworthy beef. I searched high and low to find anything that resembled the superior quality foods I ate in these other countries and was unable to have any success.

After discovering more hidden treasures in Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, I reached my point of frustration with the American food system. I spent years searching for these goods while watching the average American health decline and environmental issues increase, and that’s when I decided I needed to make the change and founded WorldClass.

WorldClass is a product first company. We are focused on the product more than anything else, meaning that we only source the best in the world products in the most ethical ways and will continue to do so. I have ravaged the ends of the earth to ensure I do my part to fix the way we eat and live. I am dedicated to the mission toward better health, sustainability, animal welfare, and environmental change. Together, we can make a WorldClass difference!