Argentina Wins World Steak Challenge

For the third year in a row, Argentina has been named the world's best provider of beef. The country earned this title at the World Steak Challenge, an event held in Dublin, Ireland, where top cuts of beef are selected for their quality amongst a panel of esteemed judges.


The World Steak Challenge recently held its 8th annual competition in Dublin, Ireland. The event was created by William Reed, who also publishes the World's 50 Best Restaurants list and hosted by the Irish state-run food board Bord Bia. This esteemed competition is complied of over 300 producers from around the world.


The World Steak Challenge is an annual event that aims to showcase the quality of meat, prove its breed credentials, and demonstrate processing standards through independent testing. The World Steak Challenge is committed to maintaining an utterly independent judging process in which each steak is judged on its own merits against the internationally agreed criteria. A panel of more than 60 independent judges tests entries in seven categories.

Stage One

Steaks are scored on a scale by an expert panel of judges who are blind to the cooking method used for each steak.

Stage Two

The top-scoring steaks from round one are tasted and tested by a panel of consumer experts curated from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities to provide the utmost accurate result.


Before judging begins, each entry is judged on its merits against internationally agreed criteria. Judges are chosen from a broad range of backgrounds, with experience in both industry and academia. Their impartiality is guaranteed by a rigorous selection process and monitored at every competition stage.


All steaks competing in The World's Best Steak Competition will have a chance to win a gold, silver, or bronze medal. A top-scoring steak will take home the coveted title of World's Best Steak. This competition has three categories and a "World's Best" award for each achievement; World's Best Grain-Fed and Grass-Fed, and an overall World's Best Steak.

World Steak Challenge 2022

After a fun-filled event this past weekend, winners were crowned. The Azul Natural Beef brand of Argentina achieved top honors at the Ojo de Bife competition, receiving a Gold Medal for Ojo de Beef and Grain-fed Loin; a Silver Medal for Grain Fed Narrow Beef and Grass Fed Loin; and a Bronze Medal for Bife Angosto, grass-fed.

Argentine Beef at WSC

The Azul Natural Beef brand has participated in the World Steak Challenge for the past few years. They were the only Argentine competitor across the 300 participants until last year. They are proud to carry the special awards of WSC and look forward to the future of beef in Argentina. Argentina has long been known to have great cattle quality. However, the nation has suffered from a lack of representation, specifically at global events like this one. Azul Natural Beef only slaughters British cattle, Angus cattle being the primary choice. They extensively focused on the quality of each cattle, feeding them properly, allowing access to the vast pampas, and creating a good life for each steer.

Argentine Beef

In Argentina, cattle quality of life and respect for each animal is the core focus for any cattle farmer. As cattle were introduced to Argentina, they thrived on the pampas grasslands. The cattle are raised in a humane, stress-free environment, resulting in leaner and more flavorful beef every time. In addition, Argentina has banned all antibiotics and growth promoters for cattle usage.

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