Antonius Caviar

With over 50 years of experience, Antonius Caviar is one of the leading sturgeon breeders in the world. The expertise of this family-owned business has produced some of the best caviars known for their remarkable texture and taste.


Antonius Caviar is one of the best caviars in the world. It is a Polish brand that offers you the highest quality of real sturgeon caviar. It is obtained and prepared using traditional methods in sterile clean conditions. Antonius Caviar brand can be a revelation for those who seek unique culinary experiences and luxury.

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  • Antonius caviar is only extracted from mature sturgeon 12-15 years old, resulting in a larger size, firmer texture & more concentrated flavor
  • Sturgeon swim rapidly in the crystal clear, fast-moving waters of the Lyna River in Poland, providing the optimal habitat for high-quality caviar
  • Within 35 minutes from pulling the fish out of the water, caviar is extracted, sorted by size, salted, and packed in the tins with no pasteurization using the highest production standards
  • Prepared with the traditional caviar “Malossol” method, which means “with a pinch of salt”

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