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Argentine Beef

Experience the unmatched quality of our Argentine Beef, globally celebrated for its rich flavor. Our supply is sourced mainly from certified Black Angus cattle. Raised on Las Pampas grasses with traditional gaucho methods, our beef is grain-finished, free from antibiotics or hormones. Ethical, sustainable, and Halal-certified.
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Ibérico Pork

Our exquisite Iberico pork is directly sourced straight from La Alberca, a small village in the province of Salamanca, Spain, situated in the pristine Dehesa ecosystem bordering Portugal. Our pigs are Iberian, reared in green pastures and oak groves with pure soils free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
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Patagonian Lamb

Sourced from Chile's pristine Magallanes region, our lambs roam freely on untouched Patagonian prairies. Grass-fed and free from hormones or antibiotics, each cut is expertly packaged in a top-tier facility approved for global export. Experience the distinct flavor and tenderness of genuine Patagonian Lamb.
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Embark on a culinary voyage with our world-class seafood collection. From the tender Portuguese octopus and Spain's vibrant Carabineros to the succulent New Zealand Scampi, flavorful Argentine Shrimps, and the deep, rich Black Cod and Chilean Sea Bass, every bite tells a story of oceanic wonders.
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Black Winter Truffles - Seasonal item

Discover our Black Truffles, a culinary gem nurtured over 50 hectares and 20,000 trees. Since their first harvest in 2016, "Trufas del Nuevo Mundo" meticulously cleans and classifies each truffle the same day it's unearthed. Dive into the rich legacy and flavor of our Argentine Black Diamond.
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Teas & Infusions

Discover the taste of hidden treasures with WorldClass teas, where every cup is a journey to the heart of the world’s finest tea regions and farms. Our master tea blender Inés Berton artfully creates each distinctive tea variety to feed the senses and reflect the authentic flavor of an ingredient’s origins.
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Sail through Spain with Cavairoli's pearls and olive drops, savor the mystique of Mendoza's black garlic, and indulge in Argentina's legendary dulce de leche and golden honey. Our global selection celebrates the finest flavors Earth offers. Dive into a world of culinary elegance.
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At WorldClass, we are passionate about discovering and sharing the world’s hidden treasures. Partnering with chefs, we source directly from small, artisan producers to ensure our ambitious standards for flavor, health, and sustainability. Let our collection of quality meats, wild-caught seafood, and specialty products inspire your next culinary experience.

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